Poetry Appreciation

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Poetry Appreciation
Skill Type: Other Skill
Max Level: 50

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Poetry Appreciation Overview

Poetry Appreciation is widely agreed to be one of the most difficult spells to level. It has no real purpose besides doing it for its own sake.

To level this skill, first you find an extremely rare Unidentified Poetry Book. Once you're identified it (provided you have the appropriate Art History level), you can read the book, rewarding you with a usually tiny amount of XP.

In-Game Description

Skill in finding the meaning of poems, especially difficult and tedious ones.

Training Poetry Appreciation

  • To learn this skill, read several level 0 Poetry books or read a Poetry Primer.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
  • None
Related Skills:
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Poetry Appreciation Mechanics

Finding Books

Poetry shares a loot table with most scrolls, and therefore has a chance of dropping from high-level mantises, faces of death, and skeleton assassins (and whatever other mobs drop scrolls). The scrolls in Under the Hand dungeon are occasionally poetry books as well. Poetry book buffs last 2 hours, and buffs of the same type (+50 armor, +100 armor, +150 armor) will overwrite with the highest valued one being used until its duration runs out rather than stacking.

Book Identification

There are 4 different unidentified poetry books. The one that requires Art History 20 produces books from Set 1, 25 produces Set 2, 30 produces Set 3, and 35 produces Set 4. Gruzark's Chapbook comes from Gruzark.

Poetry Name Buff Level XP Set #
Poetry Primer None 0 500 Set 1
"Who Loves Mort?" +50 Max Armor 0 50 Set 2
"Worm Food" +2 Direct Damage 0 50 Set 1
"Song of Ir-Hetsu"  ? 0  ? Set 4
"Rain Dances of the Lost Tribe" +25% Psychic Mitigation 3 75 Set 2
Gruzark's Chapbook +2 Direct Damage 5 10 N/A
The Magic Belt +25% Psychic Mitigation 5 75 Set 1
"The Fall of Man" by Zini +2 Direct Damage 5 75 Set 1
"The Tonsils of Truth" by Su-Moltik +25% Psychic Mitigation 7 200 Set 4
Gammo's "Legions of Stone" +25% Psychic Mitigation 10 100 Set 1
"Till The Land By Moonlight" +2 Direct Damage 10 100 Set 3
"Why Are There Bees" by Jim Hatcher +50% Psychic Mitigation 15 200 Set 2
"Battle of Fok" +100 Max Armor 20 400 Set 2
"The Face of Umrad" by Gammo  ? 23  ? Set 4
"Commentary on Slavery" +75% Psychic Mitigation 25 500 Set 3
"Horse, Carry My Topaz" +75% Psychic Mitigation 30 600 Set 3
"Collected Works of Gammo" +5 Direct Damage 35 750 Set 3
"Sunsets" by Enst +150 Max Armor 35 750 Set 2
"In Defense of Rakshasa Food" +10% Combat XP 38 500 Set 4
"Kur Hauntings" by Zuk-Ghu +150 Max Armor 45 1000 Set 3
"The Harpy Lands" by Rosediah +150 Max Armor 48 1000 Set 4

Poetry Appreciation Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Vocabulary
15 +1 to Flower Arrangement
20 +1 to Artistry
25 +1 to Flower Arrangement
30 +1 to Vocabulary
40 +1 to Lore
45 +1 to Flower Arrangement
50 +1 to Vocabulary


Poetry Appreciation is probably a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy], given that the Vogons used "Poetry Appreciation Chairs", and the fact that all the Poetry books have descriptions talking about how awful they are.