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Skill Type:
Other Skill
Max Level:

AKA "Oral"

Oratory Overview

Oratory is a skill gained by publicly reading poetry books at the podium in The Chortling Beaver, an inn in Serbule.

In-Game Description

The ability to speak in a public way that moves your audience.

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
  • None
Related Skills:

Oratory Mechanics

  • To recite a poem, click the podium in The Chortling Beaver and drag the identified poetry book into the window that appears. You will be prompted to write something, but whether you do has no bearing on the XP gained by reading the poem.
  • For each person to whom the player has read a poem, 10 XP in Oratory is earned.
  • The identity of the book itself has no bearing on the amount of XP earned. Given the same audience size, a low-level book will earn the same amount as a high-level book.
  • There is currently a delay in receiving XP when reading poems.
  • "We have some future improvements in mind, such as letting your Oratory skill affect the potency of poetry buffs, but that will come later. We'll also add more podiums to other cities, and eventually let player-carpenters craft their own." [1]

Oratory Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Bard
25 +1 to Performance
30 +1 to Bard
40 +1 to Endurance
45 +1 to Performance
50 +1 to Bard


  • Oratory was added in the August 28, 2017 update.


Reference List

  1. Game updates/2017-08-28