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Map of Borghild (click for larger size)
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Area Level
40 - 45
Map by BetaNotus (5/19)

Borghild is an ancient burial site. Twenty years ago, the Duke of Serbule led an adventuring team into it, but never returned.

— Loading Screen

Borghild, once known as the Deathrap Dungeon is accessed through the giant gate in the northeast past of Serbule. Look for a crack on the left side of the door to get in.

Fifteen centuries ago, Borghild was a Dwarven city-fortress. After the Dwarves abandoned it, Humans, Orcs, Hags, more Dwarves, and beasts took up residence inside for periods of time. Now... it's filled with ghosts. Around 500 years ago, the Dwarves controlled Borghild again. Twenty years ago, the Duke of Serbule adventured into the massive tomb, and died there.

Borghild offers adventurers a challenge, as the years of different cultures inhabiting the dungeon has led to a variety of inhabitants. Ancient dwarven golems guard some areas, while the crypts have become filled with myriad undead. The slow-moving Face of Death is a common sight, capable of instantly killing any enemy on contact. Unprepared explorers will find Greedy Ghosts impossible to defeat without a stun, and a nest of highly poisonous Injector Bugs are also nested within.

Outside of Borghilds gate, technologist and historian Leonard Allenson resides in a small blue tent in eastern Serbule. He offers multiple quests that can be completed within the dungeon.

While looting the chests inside the dungeon, be forewarned that six of the seven chests are booby-trapped. When opened, multiple creatures will spawn, and a freezing root is cast on whoever opened the chest. Be ready to take out the enemies, possibly with ranged attacks if a Face of Death appears.

Points of Interest

Main Hall

The central hall of Borghild is a recessed courtyard, walls lined with lootable old caskets. Undead wander the halls, and can easily group up on unsuspecting adventurers in this area.

In the central court are old caskets which can be looted for Bone Meal, and various Skulls.

Locked Door

Across the main hall from the entrance is a locked door, which states:

Try as you might, you cannot open the door, because the lower floor hasn't been Implemented yet.

Infested Basement

Exploring the rooms to the right of the main hall reveals a staircase leading to an older, possibly dwarven crypt. A nest of Injector Bugs and their queen Venenae may be found here. Hidden on a bookshelf of her room's southern wall, recipes for Blacksmithing can be found.

Down a side hallway of this part of the crypt, a mysterious symbol can be found on the floor.


Adventurers who travel up a set of stairs left of the entrance hall will find themselves in a maze of mostly locked jail cells, home now to yet more ghosts and other undead.

Dwarven Storage

Past the jail, the strongest evidence of prior dwarven occupation can be found, a cavernous storage room with multiple active golem within. The Duke of Serbule met an untimely end in this room, plunging the region into disarray.

Borghild Inhabitants


There are no friendly NPCs in Borghild.




Minerals & Metal

Blue Crystal (Level ? ).
Green Crystal (Level 20 Mining).
Orange Crystal (Level ?).


Looted from caskets

Found throughout the dungeon

Cooking, Tailoring Recipe Scrolls
Combat Ability Scrolls


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  • Long before a loading screen provided the name Borghild to players, the mysterious dungeon was the highest level dungeon in the game, and known only as Deathtrap Dungeon.