Lord Serbule

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Lord Serbule
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Psychic, Nature, Electricity
Crushing, Slashing, Piercing, Fire, Cold

You think you're special? I was one of the first Prodigies, before the university even existed. Hand picked by the Council. And do you see how much it helped? DO YOU SEE?!

— Tell Me About Your Mother - Lord Serbule

Lord James Serbule II, sometimes refereed to as the Duke of Serbule, is not related to Duke James Eltibule II.

Lord Serbule rediscovered the Borghild burial site and excavated the entrance. He entered the ruins twenty years ago, where he met his untimely death. Serbule was known for his love of the art of Statuary, and was considered an expert stonemason. Some of the notes he left behind suggested he was looking for lost statue designs in the ruins, as well as a method to reanimate his deceased wife, Caroline. These notes were found on his corpse.

During the Halloween 2015 incident, Lord Serbule's angry spirit was summoned into the town. A year later, his spirit returned for Halloween 2016.


Vitals: Health 23812 Armor 390 Rage 1764
Location: Serbule Keep
Time Conditions: Summoned during Halloween 2015, Halloween 2016, and Halloween 2017,

Halloween 2018, and Halloween 2019.

Location: Lord Serbule's physical corpse can be found in Borghild, and can not be fought.

Combat Abilities

Nigh-Invulnerable Until Stunned

  • Trauma Damage
  • Rage Heavy Darkness Damage Burst


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None

Reported Loot

  • Drops level 55-60 equipment.
  • Zombified hands.