Halloween 2015

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Halloween is a Seasonal Event celebrated in the Council Lands. During both Halloween 2015, and the Halloween 2014 events, strange circumstances befell the Serbule Region.

According to Velkort, someone transformed the Magical Alter in Serbule Keep into a Necromantic portal to another realm. A variety of Undead creatures poured forth from the Alter anytime it came in contact with a source of Necromantic Power.

Velkort's Conversation

During Halloween 2015, Velkort gained a few new lines of dialogue.

Hmm? What did you need now? Can't you see I'm busy studying this fire?

It's not supposed to be blue, right? That's bad.
No, it's not supposed to be blue. Somebody snuck into the town the other night and changed the alter somehow. It's emanating undeath.
What is this altar for, anyway?
These old altars predate the city... in fact, they predate the Council. I don't know who made them or why. You'd think they'd have removed it when they were building the town, but that's humans for you: if it's magical, they want to keep it, even if they don't know how it works.
Should we put the fire out?
How? it's not burning anything physical. It doesn't need air like a real fire does, either. It used to be fueled from a tiny portal to the fae realm. But now the portal is open to a different realm. One of the bad ones, I think.
Should we evacuate the town, then?
I think it's stable. As long as nobody does anything really stupid, like sacrificing necromantic power sources in the flame, we should be okay.
Necromantic power sources?
The usual: skulls, bones, that sort of thing.
Will the portal go back to normal eventually?
I'm working on it. It may take a few weeks but I'll figure out what happened and reverse it, yes.
In the mean time I definitely won't sacrifice anything necromantic on it. Bye!

Event Time

November 8, 2016 - December 6, 2016

Necromantic Alter Spawns