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Guild Roster - Looks like guilds can register here.

Guild Management

You aren't in a guild. Would you like to create one?
Creating a guild costs 10,000 councils.

Create Guild

Choose the title of your guild. Note: you are not permitted to use profanity, racism, or general dickishness in your guild name, guild titles, etc.
Guild Name: (Space to enter a name) (OK Button).

Guild Management

Success! You have created a new guild named "Name Goes Here"!

You are the Guildmaster. To invite other players to your guild, simply examine them and choose 'Invite to Guild.'

Guild Status

This option provides basic information your current Guild.
(Guild Name here)
X/250 members
Guild Created on Tue Sep 01 10:50:43 EDT 2015 by (Guildmaster)
Your Guild Rank: (Guild Rank Here)

Guild Roster

This tab shows the online status of all players in the Guild.
Members of (Guild Name here)
* (Guild Member (Rank)) -- ONLINE NOW!

Edit Ranks

This option allows players with permission to edit the ranks of the guild. Here are the default ranks.
1: Probation
2: Novice
3: Member
4: Vetran
5: Sheriff
6: Elite
7: Liutenant
8: Captain
9: Guild Boss
10: Guildmaster
When a rank is edited, permissions are displayed. The available permissions are
  • Invite New Members
  • Promote Members
  • Demote Members
  • Kick Members From Guild
  • Set Message of The Day
  • Change Guild Configuration
  • Display Guild Identity
  • View Guild Roster


Promote Member

Demote Member

Eject Member

Quit Guild

Success! You have quit your guild.

Good Riddance!

View Guild Help

Guild Ranks and Permissions

Guild ranks can be a little complex! Don't worry though: the ranks are set up with reasonable defaults, so you can ignore all of this until you need to give certain people more or less privileges in the guild. Then come back and read this!

Each guild member is assigned to one of ten 'ranks'. Usually lower-numbered ranks have fewer privileges than higher ranks, but there's some flexibility to allow you to create whatever system you need. However, Rank 10 is Always the most important rank. The guild's creator is rank 10. Newer members are rank 3 by default, but you can change their starting rank.

Most guilds won't actually use all ten ranks! You'll just use a few and ignore the rest. The others are there to give you flexibility as your guild grows and evolves.

Each rank has a title (which you can change) and has permission to do certain things, like setting the Message of The Day or inviting new guild members.

We've set up a simple rank system by default. It works like this:

- Rank 1 ('Probation') is a rank you can assign to people whoa re abusing their privileges. They have no special powers at all.
- Rank 3 ('Member') is for regular members. They can invite new guild members.
- Rank 5 ('Sheriff') can kick people out of the guild, as well as changing the ranks of lower-ranked members.
- Rank 7 ('Lieutenant') has all the powers of the Sheriff and can also set the Message of The Day. THey can also promote/demote Sheriffs.
- Rank 10 ('Guildmaster') can do everything, and can change these ranks to have different meanings.

Rank 3 is the default rank for new people, which means new players can invite other people into the guild. If you don't like that, you can change the default rank to 2 ('Novice'). This rank is just like 'Member', but they can't invite new people to the guild.

You can customize these ranks under the 'Edit Ranks' menu option by giving them different permissions. Right now there are only a few permissions, but there will be more as the guild system gets new features. (For instance, there will be special permissions for accessing the guild vaults when those are available.) Here is a list of the current permissions:

- Invite New Members: Members with this permission can invite anyone to join the guild.
- Promote Members: Members with this permission can increase the rank of other guild members -- but never to a rank higher than they are themselves.
- Demote Members: Members with this permission can decrease the rank of other guild members, but they can't change the rank of people higher-ranked than themselves.
- Kick Members From Guild: Members with this permission can kick people out of the guild. Only people lower-ranked than they are can be kicked out.
- Set Message of The Day: Members with this permission can set the Message of The Day for the guild.
- Change Guild Configuration: Members with this permission can change the settings of the guild, including giving themselves new permissions! This should only be given to the most trusted members. Rank 10 always has this permission.
- Display Guild Identity: This permission causes guild members to automatically show their guild names and rank when they are examined by other players. (By default, all ranks have this permission.)
- View Guild Roster: Members with this permission can view a list of all guild members. (By default, all ranks have this permission).