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Skill in the visual arts, including painting, sculpting, and mosaic creation.
Skill Type:
Trade Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

Fireworks are often used as a means of celebration.

Artistry Overview

Artistry is used to create Jack-o'-Lanterns and Fireworks.

In-Game Description

Skill in the visual arts, including painting, sculpting, and mosaic creation.

Training Artistry

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
Related Skills:
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Artistry can be obtained from the following skills and levels:

Art History
Level 10, Level 30, Level 50
Buckle Artistry
Level 1, Level 15, Level 30, Level 45
Level 40
Dye Making
Level 50
Flower Arrangement
Level 5, Level 25, Level 45
Poetry Appreciation
Level 20
Level 30

Artistry Complete Recipe List

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Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
0 Jack O Lantern 20 80 icon_5404.png  Pumpkin x1
icon_5401.png  Butcher Knife x1 (!)
icon_5408.png  Jack O' Lantern x1 A classic scary carved pumpkin.
0 Small Fireworks 20 60 icon_5091.png  Rubywall Crystal x1
icon_5183.png  Saltpeter x1
icon_5082.png  Giant Spider Leg x1
icon_5306.png  Good Parchment x1
icon_5401.png  Small Firework x20 A stack (20) of pretty explosives for use in celebrations.
5 Owl Jack O' Lantern 50 200 icon_5404.png  Pumpkin x1
icon_5169.png  Basic Skinning Knife x1 (!)
icon_5060.png  Basic First Aid Kit x1
icon_5409.png  Owl Jack O' Lantern x1 A pumpkin carved with a silly owl face.

Artistry Mechanics

Pumpkin Displays



Artistry was introduced with Pumpkin carving related recipes during Halloween 2015.