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Click "Expand" on the box below to view a complete list of Recipes for the Artistry skill.

Lvl Name First-Time XP XP Ingredients Results Description Source
0 Jack O Lantern 80 20 icon_5404.png  Pumpkin x1
icon_5401.png  Butcher Knife x1 (!)
icon_5408.png  Jack O' Lantern x1 A classic scary carved pumpkin. Item: Art: Jack O' Lantern
0 Large Confetti Bomb 60 20 icon_5015.png  Fire Dust x2
icon_5306.png  Good Parchment x2
icon_5312.png  String x1
icon_5522.png  Large Confetti Bomb x20 A stack (20) of confetti bombs that can be used in celebrations. Item: Recipe: Large Confetti Bomb
Quest: Event: Help Miss Guided
0 Small Fireworks 60 20 icon_5091.png  Rubywall Crystal x1
icon_5183.png  Saltpeter x1
icon_5082.png  Giant Spider Leg x1
icon_5306.png  Good Parchment x1
icon_5401.png  Small Firework x20 A stack (20) of pretty explosives for use in celebrations. Item: Recipe: Small Fireworks
5 Owl Jack O' Lantern 200 50 icon_5404.png  Pumpkin x1
icon_5169.png  Basic Skinning Knife x1 (!)
icon_5060.png  Basic First Aid Kit x1
icon_5409.png  Owl Jack O' Lantern x1 A pumpkin carved with a silly owl face. Item: Art: Owl Jack O' Lantern