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Jesina wants you to save her sister, Sarina, who is being held captive in the Goblin Dungeon.


This quest does not actually show up like a typical quest in the quest journal. If you talk to Jesina at the Antry Farm in Eltibule, she will give you some background and ask you to save Sarina.

A shortcut, if you so desire.

This step is unnecessary. You can go directly to save Sarina in the Goblin Dungeon, without talking to Jesina first, and Jesina will still give you a reward.

You can do the quest at [Neutral] favor with Jesina.


I'm so worried about Sarina. It's driving me crazy! I wish I could do something!

Where's Sarina?

She's been kidnapped by goblins! They take fairies as slaves and make us do horrible, horrible things. I can't even think about it. Stop it, brain, stop thinking about it!

I'll do what I can to save her.

Thank you! But don't get enslaved yourself! I couldn't stand the thought of that. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is!

Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Okay. And... I really appreciate your concern.



Guide Spoilers

Jesina asks you to save her sister, Sarina. Sarina is trapped inside the Goblin Dungeon and is guarded by Algapa, one of the Goblin bosses in there. If you are not strong enough to fight through the dungeon alone, try to find a group! To get to Sarina, enter the Goblin Dungeon located behind the large door in Eltibule Keep. You will need to go straight down the stairs and then turn left where you will see a lit up tunnel with standing torches. At the end of the tunnel, you will find Algapa, many other goblins, and Sarina near the northeast side. You can either:

Serina's text now displays a message asking you to kill the Goblin boss first.

  • Kill everything in the room so you can talk to Sarina without goblins attacking you.
  • Lure and kill enough goblins so that you can talk to Sarina with a few or no goblins attacking you.
  • Run to Sarina and talk to her as fast as you can while getting attacked by the goblins.

With whatever method you use, after you successfully talk to Sarina head back to Jesina and claim your reward; congratulations!


Rewards Spoiler

You saved me! I would love to follow you out of here, but the NPC tech for following doesn't work yet! So shall we just pretend you got me out of here?

Yes! Pretend we've escaped.

Thank you. You can't imagine how horrible this has been. I have nothing to offer you, but if you come visit me in Antry Farm, my sister will reward you for saving me. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Be careful on your journey.


It's you! Sarina told me about you! Thank you for saving her. She ... she's not doing so well. But it would be worse if she were still a slave.

Where's Sarina now?

She's in the house. She hasn't come out for days. It will take time. She can barely fly right now, so being outside doesn't give her as much pleasure as normal. But she'll recover.

Is there anything I can do to help?

For Sarina? Not yet. But thank you for asking.

Sarina mentioned a reward?

Yes! Let me teach you my most prized knowledge: secrets of the fine arts.

Um, thanks.