Old Fangsworth (Quest)

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Joeh in Serbule asked you to kill a tiger called "Old Fangsworth", rumored to live somewhere north of Serbule.


To start this quest, talk to Joeh in Serbule. The quest is available at [Friends] favor.


Damn it, he's still out there! Mocking me! The only tiger to escape my blade! Old Fangsworth is a crafty beast; I admit he bested me when I was younger. I could kill him now, but I no longer have the time to stalk him and take him out.



Rewards for Old Fangsworth

You... you killed Old Fangsworth? For me? Well, I really needed to kill him myself. For the honor, you know? But I guess knowing that he's no longer out there mocking me is good, too. Thanks!

150 favor