Sour Cream

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Sour Cream
A sour milk product that's useful in many recipes.
Value: 40

Stack Size:

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Sour Cream recipe taught by Hogan or Braigon.

Obtaining through Bartering



This item has not been submitted by an editor as loot, or may not exist as loot


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes

Lvl Name Ingredients Results
6 Prim Cheese icon_5160.png Bottle of Milk x1
icon_5331.png Bottle of Whey x1
icon_5145.png Basic Rennet x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5324.png Firkin x1
icon_5327.png Butter Muslin x1 (!)
icon_5334.png Prim Cheese x1
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x3
20 Brunost Cheese icon_5160.png Bottle of Milk x1
icon_5331.png Bottle of Sweet Whey x1
icon_5146.png Strong Rennet x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5324.png Firkin x1
icon_5328.png Voile Muslin x1 (!)
icon_5334.png Brunost Cheese x1
icon_5009.png Empty Bottle x3
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
25 Loaded Baked Potato icon_5022.png Potato x2
icon_5013.png Salt x1
icon_5794.png Butter x1
icon_5337.png Mild Cheddar Cheese x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5069.png Bacon x1
icon_5022.png Loaded Baked Potato x2
35 Pumpkin Soup icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5404.png Pumpkin x2
icon_5024.png Onion x2
icon_5013.png Salt x2
icon_5976.png Pumpkin Soup x2
41 Creamy Squash Casserole icon_5105.png Squash x2
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5041.png Flour x1
icon_5135.png Broccoli x1
icon_5818.png Creamy Squash Casserole x2
41 Mandibles' Perfect Lunch icon_5223.png Raw Paralytic Chicken x1
icon_5535.png Dog Meat x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5135.png Broccoli x2
icon_5934.png Mandibles' Perfect Lunch x2
43 All-Flavor Chicken icon_5223.png Raw Great Chicken x2
icon_5223.png Raw Paralytic Chicken x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5332.png Peppercorns x1
icon_5390.png Banana x1
icon_5225.png All-Flavor Chicken x3
50 Orcish Onion Soup icon_5024.png Onion x1
icon_5457.png Red Pepper x1
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5292.png Muntok Peppercorns x1
icon_5313.png Orcish Onion Soup x1
60 Fancy Pumpkin Pie icon_5404.png Pumpkin x2
icon_5041.png Flour x5
icon_5406.png Cinnamon x1
icon_5468.png Sugar x5
icon_5160.png Sour Cream x1
icon_5768.png Fancy Pumpkin Pie x1


NPC Location Preferences
Mandibles Red Wing Casino Likes (Cooking Ingredients)

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption


Quest Fulfillment

Quest Number Required Quest Cooldown
(if repeatable)
NPC Minimum Favor Location Notes
Cream for Potatoes 1 (Collect) One time only Gretchen Salas Neutral In or Around Eltibule Keep in Eltibule

Other Uses