Toxinflesh Ointment

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Toxinflesh Ointment

How to Obtain

Toxinflesh Ointment may be made using the Alchemy skill.

Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
15 Toxinflesh Ointment 20 200 Bottle of Water x1
Sugar x1
Piece of Green Glass x1
Beak x1
Toxic Sludge x1
Toxinflesh Ointment x1 For 15 minutes, all Poison attacks you make will deal +5 extra damage.


Gadgeteering Recipe

Lvl Name XP Bonus XP Ingredients Results Description
30 Fancy Item Raffler 480 1920 Decent Chair x1
Advanced Wood Glue x1
Toxinflesh Ointment x1
Fancy Item Raffler x1
Empty Bottle x1
An elaborate contraption that can dispense raffle tickets and then deliver a reward to the raffle winner.

This model can dispense up to 50 raffle tickets for up to 6 items (or item stacks) and/or a cash prize. The raffle tickets can be free or can cost Councils. This model has a place for an inscription that is displayed to each user.