Teaching Golem

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Teaching Golem.

The teaching Golem is located in Serbule Keep

The teaching Golem will give you a puzzle that you need to solve.

The puzzle that it gives you is

"King Rasmas had 5 evil viziers. One day he baked a batch of cookies for his queen, but the viziers ate them all when he wasn't looking.
So the king baked another batch, twice as big as the first. Each vizier ate six cookies from the second batch, but the king
managed to get the remaining 2/5 of the second batch to the queen. How many cookies did the king bake in total?"


The reward once you correctly answer the puzzle is 50 XP in Lore and you will learn the recipe Word of Power

Click Expand to view puzzle solution

The Answer is 75.

Five viziers ate six cookies each for a total of 30 cookies consumed by viziers. The viziers consumed 3/5 of the cookies, and the queen received the remaining 2/5. 30 x 5/3 is 50 cookies from the 2nd batch.

The first batch was half the size, so 25 for the first batch. Totaling 75 cookies produced.