Civic Pride

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Represents your willingness to tackle the small, mundane tasks in your community, and your understanding of why that's important. This skill is especially valued by humans.

Civic Pride is a new skill added as of the August 15th, 2015 patch. It can be leveled at the moment only by lighting the fixed torches in town at night and/or snuffing them in the morning, or by filling the lamps with oil which can be purchased in Serbule. It rewards you with small bumps to npc favor, training costs, vendor prices and max map pins.

Lamp oil can be puchased from Fainor in the Serbule Inn.

Filling a lamp with one lamp oil rewards you with 2 civic pride. Snuffing lamps after 5 AM or lighting them after 7 PM rewards you with 20 civic pride. (Note: see the top of the map for the ingame time)

Civic Pride/Recipes

Level Up Rewards

Level Bonus Skill
1 +1% NPC Favor From Hangouts
4 +1 Max Pins Per Area
5 -1% NPC Training Costs
7 +2% NPC Max Sale Value
10 +1% NPC Favor from Gifts
11 +1% NPC Favor from Hangouts
15 -1% NPC Training Costs
17 +2% NPC Max Sale Value
18 +1 Max Map Pins
20 +1% Favor From Gifts
21 +1% Favor From Hangouts
25 -1% Training Costs
27 +2% Max Sale Value
28 +1 Max Map Pins
30 +1% Favor From Gifts
31 +1% Favor From Hangouts
35 -1% Training Costs
37 +2% Max Sale Value
40 +1% Favor from Gifts
41 +1% Favor From Hangouts
42 +1 Max Map Pins
45 -1% Training Costs
47 +2% Max Sale Value
50 +1% Favor From Gifts
51 +1% Favor from Hangouts