The Weird Prism

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Makara in the Ilmari Desert asked you to find an odd crystal. She said it could be found in yeti caves deep beneath the Kur Mountains.


To start this quest, talk to Makara in Ilmari Desert. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


Prisms are useful for a few special crafting tasks. I can make ordinary prisms, but I've heard of a strange prism made by an ancient yeti master. I wish to study it! Find it for me?

It would be in some cave in the Kur Mountains, I presume. I doubt it would be easy to find, since I've only heard vague rumors of it. It's probably in some sack deep down in a hole somewhere.



Rewards for The Weird Prism

This is it! Hm. These sigils attune it to a specific species. That's not supposed to be possible! I will have to study this more. Oh, here. These are boring old regular prisms in exchange.