Gazluk Keep

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Gazluk Keep
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Map of Gazluk Keep (click for larger size)
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Map by BetaNotus (10/20)

Gazluk Keep is a level 70 dungeon located deep in the Gazluk zone, within the Orcish city of Gazluk.

Points of Interest

Trophy Storage

This series of hallways contains items looted by the Gazluk Orcs in battle. Elven and Dwarven treasures adorn these rooms. Most of them are well labeled!


When Gazluk orcs defeated Queen Carlosta's guards, she offered this gem in exchange for her life and the life of her son.

General Crulp had intended to annex the dwarven city and lay tariffs, but her act of cowardice threw the general into a righteous fury. There were no survivors.

Remember that honorable warriors do not grovel. Ever!

Also, do not touch the gem. It is cursed.

— A sign in Gazluk Keep

Fern Glade chest.

This ugly chest is actually a casket. It once held the royal family of the Fern Glade elves going back for thousands of years.

When these primitive elves die, they allow their bodies to be burned to dust, and the dust is stored in a family casket alongside their ancestors' dust.

This relic was taken from the beaten people of Fern Glade after they failed to meet their monthly lumber quota. Of course, it's been cleaned of dust since then. Gazluk Orcs are not savages!

— A Sign in Gazluk Keep

Southeast Shower Room

This shower room is found on the first floor, near the area where 'Beakhorse' is stabled.

This drain seems a bit cleaner than the others, which is suspicious. But there doesn't seem to be any moving parts...

You could drop something down the drain, although that would almost certainly cause the item to disappear.

— A drain in Gazluk Keep

Suspicious Rug

Found in a room on the first floor, the Suspicious Rug is an orange floor decoration that disguises a secret tunnel back to the surface. The rug must be found inside the dungeon before the two-way passage is accessible from the outside.







    (Old Spoon) x5 (Grain Sack)