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Jarmanger was a powerful Mage who served on The Council of Eight. He also served on The Council of Five, and The Council.

Jarmanger is the Leader of the Council and Savior of Humanity.
He has proposed the "Class 0" classification of Nature Spirits, for gods with enough power to bend or break reality. See Guide to Nature Spirit Classification.
He is an associate of Ilvadele Irasce.
While in the presence of Ilvadele Irasce, Jarmanger killed a Class 3 god, proving that it was possible.
Jarmanger has a statue on Anagoge.
Used the crystal walls developed by Dalvos to keep out a "Dangerous Army."
Respected by Dalvos, referred to as a "War Hero," and "Not a lying worm like the rest of them."
Sent Commander Ferrows of the Second Column to find and capture Dalvos.
Sent General Lavorel to capture Dalvos.

An inscription at the base says:

Jarmanger, Leader of the Council and Savior of Humanity

This research and training facility is only possible thanks to the generosity of Jarmanger. Heed his words, young prodigies: "Research is Power."

— Statue on Anagoge