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God of Self Doubt and Bitterness
Ormorek is a Class ??? Nature Spirit. He is the God of Bitterness, and the patron of players who quit in disgust. His physical appearance is often that of a beardless dwarf.


Dwarven Relations

Ormorek is loved by the dwarves of Alharth, and many things are named after him.

Ormorek is the god of Bitterness. He has a special place in dwarven hearts. His avatar lives in New Aufghel -- if he's in a good mood you might be able to meet him there.

Why is he special to dwarves?

I guess that'd be hard for a non-dwarf to understand. But let me try to explain it. Thousands of years ago, Ormorek was the god of Dwarves. he was a great god then. But there was a war between gods, and Ormorek was struck down by Umrad, the god of Mining. And Umrad became the god of both Dwarves and Minerals.

That's all ancient history, and nobody holds it against Umrad. We like Umrad! And we like Bogdelle, and most of us like Kirad too. But Ormorek is special to us.

How so?

Ormorek should have died, but he held on to one small thread of dwarven nature: our bitterness. As the god of Bitterness, he became a horrible god, spreading undeath and misery for thousands of years. But we dwarves accepted him anyways.

That is, we accepted that part of our nature is to be sullen, bitchy, whiny. Bitter. It happens. We accepted him, both conceptually and physically, as one of us. And that's the part that makes us proud.

Proud? Of bitterness?

No, not proud of bitterness! Of the better parts of dwarven nature: patience, acceptance, and compassion.

I mean, look at how the humans treated Ilth Hale. She was the god of Humanity, and she was struck down in that same battle. She became the god of Sorrow and the Forsaken. And so humans forsook her! She attacked them, so humans turned their backs on her.

But dwarves welcomed Ormorek back into our cities, even though his undead attacked us. Even though he was just a thread of anger and misery.

How'd that work out?

It was hard. It took many generations. But eventually we reached him. We stood by our old god and convinced him not to create undead.

And yeah, he fell off the wagon a few times. But he hasn't made new mummies in hundreds of years. And he's not nearly as bitter as he was even when I was a lad.

And... I think he's a god of something more now.

Something more than a god of Bitterness?

Right. He's the god of Bitterness and something else. I don't know aht else yet. I don't know if anybody knows.

He's not a strong god... in fact he's one of the weakest gods. But who cares? He's ours. And he's represented us at our best and at our worst. And we never give up on our own, and there's not a damned thing Umrad can do to ever change that!

So that's why dwarves to out of our way to kill mummies. It's a little favor to Ormorek. It helps him get better, in a tiny way. And tiny gestures add up. It takes a long time, but we're very patient.

I understand now. Thanks.

Mox Warcut

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 3

Who he is: This old dwarven god was superseded as the "God of Dwarves" long ago. Now he just lives in the dwarven capital and complains a lot.

What he knows and how to find him: Ormorek is an old god, and he's known more gods than we have names for. Since he lives in New Aufghel, you can simply pay him a visit. If you pay his bar tab (NOT cheap), he might indulge your questions about another god, or a god-related incident. Just don't let him sell you anything.

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 3