Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol

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icon_4006.png Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol
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Hint: Found in a cave in Gazluk
Ghosted Until Found

Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol is a Lorebook in the Gazluk region. It can be found in the New Prestonbule Cave.


Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol: With storytelling tips for beginning bards

Long ago, the gods fought. Tast's allies had battled Dreva's allies, and many gods died. Dreva had won, but at such cost as cannot be understood by mortals. Dreva's own mother, Arisetsu, the ancient god of hope, lay dying in a field, her warm light almost faded to darkness.

It was here that Vol found her. In a swirl of rose petals he appeared next to Arisetsu. Glancing with pity over her ancient body, broken and withered, he muttered "Death is my gift," as he had countless times before, and began bestowing his mercy upon her. But it was not the face of gratitude.

"Vol, you cannot kill hope." Her eyes fluttered open. "Begone."

Vol shook his head. "Your time has come, Arisetsu. You think the world cannot continue without you, but you are wrong. Take my embrace. It is time!"

But the light around Arisetsu grew brighter, pushing Vol away with a great force, and Arisetsu rose, her ancient body looking stronger than he remembered her being for a thousand years. "Vol, you cannot kill hope. When you try, you only make me stronger."

Vol is a gracious god, and a good god, but he is prideful, and nothing -- neither god nor mortal -- dared disobey him when he decided the time had come. Vol snarled with surprised anger. "You embarrass yourself. You embarrass the legacy of hope. IT IS TIME TO DIE!"

But Arisetsu grew even brighter, and the two took to the heavens, battling back and forth, light and darkness playing across the stars. Both had fought hard in the great war, and they were tired in ways that you and I cannot understand, but now they fought with renewed energy. Other gods nursed their wounds and watched with wonder as the two battled.

They did not get weaker. Instead, they each seemed to grow stronger, Vol's withered form becoming gallant and powerful, Arisetsu growing younger, more beautiful, and even brighter.

Vol began to consider, for the first time, that he may not be able to bestow his gift, and it made him angry. With all of his power summoned into one command, the world shook as he bellowed. "ARISETSU, EMBRACE DEATH!" And with a wry smile, Arisetsu did so. But she did not die. Instead, in front of god and man and elf, Vol and Arisetsu kissed. It was a surprise to them both, and the other gods turned their glances away as death and hope became intimately intertwined.

And so began the romance of Vol and Arisetsu which continues today. Theirs is a rocky love, with many setbacks and battles, and often they refuse even to speak to each other. But so far, they have always returned to each other's embrace. For our sake, may it always be so.

- An apocryphal story told by human bards in Statehelm.

Notes for bards: this story should be adapted to your audience. In a solemn tavern, you can get amazing results with some simple props. A classic setup involves a candle, rose petals, and a fan. But in rowdy taverns, make the story as lewd or as gory as necessary. In a dwarven hall, play up Dreva's embarrassment for laughs or pity. In elven lands, it's wise to bring in Errana in one way or another to add more sex. And remember the bard's rule #6: never tell a story the exact same way twice!

Related Lore

Arisetsu - Goddess of Hope.
Vol - God of Death.
Tast - God of War and Armies.
Dreva - God of Balance in Nature.
Errana - Elven Goddess of love and sex.