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Goddess of Food and Reproduction
Class ?
Errana is a Class ? Nature Spirit. She is an Elven goddess of love and sex, and the goddess of food and reproduction.

Sometimes, Errana fights with Tuvillus for control of mortals' metabolism rates (Weekend Event: Celestial Snack Battle).

Some of Errana's followers, Harlots, have healing abilities.


Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol

Errana is briefly mentioned in Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol as a Goddess Bards traveling in Elven lands may wish to incorporate into the tale of Vol and Arisetsu.

Notes for bards: this story should be adapted to your audience. In a solemn tavern, you can get amazing results with some simple props. A classic setup involves a candle, rose petals, and a fan. But in rowdy taverns, make the story as lewd or as gory as necessary. In a dwarven hall, play up Dreva's embarrassment for laughs or pity. In elven lands, it's wise to bring in Errana in one way or another to add more sex. And remember the bard's rule #6: never tell a story the exact same way twice!

Classic Stories: Arisetsu and Vol