Inventory Folders

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Inventory folders are a new way to organize your inventory. Folders don't increase your inventory size -- they just let you split up your inventory into different "bags". (We've avoided calling them "bags" or "packs" because we want to make it more obvious that folders don't increase your inventory.)
Folders are intended for mid- to high-level players, because that's when we think they're most important. So you unlock them by hitting various skill milestones, listed below. Note: you can unlock up to 4 folders, but there are a lot more than 4 skill-unlocks. That's just to give you flexibility!
Unlock a folder by reaching any of these skill milestones: (up to 4 folders max)
- Lore 13
- Anatomy 25
- Civic Pride 25
- Holistic Wellness 25
- Industry 25
- Retail Management 25
- Shamanic Infusion 25
- Blacksmithing 50
- Dying 50
- Endurance 50
- Survival Instincts 50
- Tailoring 50