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December 2020: Released an expanded Winter Holiday event featuring community-wide goals. Rebalance of Elite monsters and Bosses. Redesigns for Ice Magic and Deer skills.

November 2020: Major rebalance for Shield, Staff, and Cow skills. Minor rebalance for Rabbit and Spirit Fox. Graphical overhaul for Ilmari desert.

October 2020: Updates for The Wintertide dungeon. Visual upgrades for lighting in Eltibule dungeons. A Halloween event twice the size of the previous year was released, alongside balance changes related to power management.

September 2020: Introduced level 80 dungeon The Wintertide and redesigned Hogan's Basement into a dungeon. Visual update for Goblin Dungeon. Added Aurest Missions, a higher-level daily quest given in the Red Wing Casino. New mob mechanics such as Alarmer, and a new skill, Candle Making.

July 2020: Main client updated to Unity 2019.4.1, client beta ended, related settings changes. Added Spirit Fox animal form. SphereCull is no longer a Special Setting and now has a checkbox. UI Changes, Combat XP tweak. Changes to Monsters and Mantids, treasure fixes, other changes and bugfixes.

June 2020: Released a client beta for Unity 2019.4.1 on 6/27/2020.

May 2020: Major UI improvements to labels, avatars, recipe windows, and damage numbers. Chat received color options. Monsters and Mantids redesigned. Additional quests added for Fairy players. Animal Husbandry previewed. Live Event Tokens added.

March 2020: Fae (Race Skill), Fairy Magic, and playable Fairies added to the game alongside quests and new mechanics. Animal Handling introduced new pet mechanics and Elite Monsters saw changes to regeneration, crits, armor, and loot. Staff, Shield, Druid had treasure changes. Augments began appearing in monster loot. Additional bug-fix patches fixed bugs, improved Stun system, and balance changes.

January 2020: Added Sun Vale mechanics to Treasure Cartography, changes to snack items and sushi, improvements to swimming, and bug fixes.


December 2019: Introduced an expanded Holiday Event, a complete redesign for Sun Vale, new Synergy Levels for existing skills, and bug fixes.

November 2019: Introduced seasonal foods. Swimming mechanics and food buff changes. Various changes to water, flight, UI, and more. Giant Bat players lost the ability to fly indoors.

October 2019: Halloween event begins. Warden skill introduced. Giant Bat skill changes. Several changes and bugfixes. Additional patches fixing various visual, naming, and minor issues. Flight exploits fixed. Dye Placeholder NPC has been removed, Dye Making is now trained by Larsan.

September 2019: Updated combat refresh boost. Added Armor-Material Set Bonuses, some skill-agnostic treasure effects. Fixed bugs in the Fae Realm. Mentalism skill saw ability and treasure changes. Several other changes and bugfixes.

August 2019: Added the Fae Realm, armor repair, shield wax. Level cap increased to 80. Introduced recipe XP changes. Shield skill saw treasure changes. Additional patches fixed recipe XP dropoff, Favor Quest advancement issues, some training, and ability effects.

June 2019: Introduction of Gardening Almanac, more War Cache Dungeons, and expanded Live Events. Unarmed and Lycanthropy skills saw treasure changes.

May 2019: Bugfix update. Fixed sidebar ability issues, and some War Cache bugfixes, some mod tweaks. New features for live events.

April 2019: Added Ilmari War Caches (level 50-60, intended for soloing). Changes to Transmutation costs. Changes to Hammer and Lycanthropy combat abilities. Monster balance changes. Several changes and bugfixes.

February 2019: Added Rahu Sewer dungeon (level 50-55, intended for solo/duo-ing). Several game balancing changes.

January 2019: New categories for player work-order boards. Changes to training for battle chemistry, leatherworking and tanning skills. Minor bug fixes.


December 2018: Ri-Shin holiday event begins. Changes to necromancy, cow, deer, spider, and rabbit combat abilities. Minor treasure effect and bug fixes.

November 2018: Various graphics updates and fixes. Halloween 2018 ends. New Demo mode for Project: Gorgon available on Steam: Allows players to test Anagoge Island, Serbule, and Serbule Hills (with some restrictions such as no trading and a level cap of 15). Minor UI changes.

October 2018: Lemons joins the Elder Game team as an employee! Halloween 2018 opens, with new recipes. Minor changes to how damage is calculated. Rafflers and item vendors now last longer before being despawned. Minor bug fixes.

September 2018: The Red Wing Casino opens in Eltibule, with a portal in Rahu, offering various gambling services and a player hub. Storage standardization and fixes. Monsters above level 30 now have a chance to critically hit for double damage, with increasing chance for higher level monsters and elites/bosses. Non-Animal Handling pets also gain the ability to crit. Fertilizer and Rennet now stack to 5.

August 2018: Jackencola joins the Elder Game team as an employee!

July 2018: Bard song treasure effects no longer stack infinitely upon hit.

June 2018: DoT effects mostly standardized among abilities. Catalog golems in the vendor area in Serbule to help players find items for sale. Augmentation effects can now be applied by various weapon vendors or Nightshade at different prices and levels. Generic treasure effects can be extracted from gear by using "desert gems". Shamanic Infusion now requires the level of the applied power in order to use it. Minor bug fixes. Minor treasure effect and UI changes.

May 2018: Priest skill added to the game. Offhand knives (dirks) introduced. Area effect attacks now deal less damage for every enemy hit past the third enemy. Learning new recipes now requires having learned the previous level of recipe. Player titles handed out to Kickstarter backers of the respective tiers. Many small bug-fixes and changes.

April 2018: Project Gorgon becomes only playable through Steam. Introduction of a new Ranalon Den dungeon in Serbule Hills. Changes to Animal Handling: Bond level and Enthusiasm now play a larger role in combat ability of pets, pet power is removed. Minor treasure effect bug fixes.

March 2018: Preparations for the introduction of the game on Steam (move from Alpha to Beta status). Improvements to Rahu. Altered how Fog on the map is shown and cleared. Several small changes.

March 13, 2018: Project Gorgon launches on Steam!

February 2018: Introduction of Fog on the maps. Players will uncover the fog on the map by exploring. Enter The Light changed (portals there are now only usually once every 8 hours instead of unlimited). Teleportation Skill changes. Several updates and bug-fixes. Some more Graphics optimizations.

January 2018: Some Graphics optimizations. Several updates and bug-fixes. Introduction of inventory folders. New Unity version: Unity 2017.2. UI improvements.


December 2017: The long awaited new UI launched. Multiple updates added and modified functionality. A new Holiday event was added, Title Scrolls were introduced. A Lore Books Library was added for every player.

November 2017: Opt-in testing of new UI using a modified launcher.

October 2017: Branching quests were introduced through a new Halloween Event. Giant Bat was redesigned. A few new chat commands were added alongside new JSON files.

September 2017: Bug fixes for content added in August.

August 2017: A new exit from Anagoge was added. South Serbule was replaced by Serbule Hills. Poetry Podium added. Transmutation and Augmentation redesigned. Lots of NPC changes.

July 2017: New NPCs were added to the New Prestonbule Cave in Gazluk. Added the new skill Mushroom Farming. Several changes concerning mushrooms. Game no longer works on 32 bit systems.

June 2017: Storage improvements ( /isearch command & easier centralized access to multiple storage NPC's/chests in certain area's). Changes to Butchering, Cooking recipes and Food prices. Added beast form Rabbit.

May 2017: Introduction of the Brewing skill. An update to the graphics used in Serbule.

April 2017: Some technical optimization.

March 2017: Introduction for the Bard skill (to be learned from Rappanel in South Serbule). Changes to the loot system (max group size reduced from 10 to 6; loot from bosses is locked to the group that first attacked him). Introduction of a new very large dungeon Gazluk Keep.

February 2017: For some remaining skill the cap was raised to 70. Some tweaks concerning cold weather. Some changes to 'in combat' mechanics and detection ranges of mobs.

January 2017: For most skills the level cap was raised from 60 to 70. The new area of Gazluk was introduced. This is another area with Cold Weather effects more severe than the effects in Kur Mountains. To make surviving in these area easier campfire items and more leatherworking recipes for Winter Gear were introduced. The game forum was replaced.


December 2016: The dungeon on Anagoge was replaced, Shield was reworked, and a few areas received a map. Sushi Preparation was introduced as the first cooking sub-skill, and the Body Heat system in Kur Mountains was replaced. Many bugs were fixed.

Indiegogo Campaign Ends on December 20, 2016. 236 backers raised $17,230 USD.

November 2016: The October update was patched, Rahu NPCs were improved, and Tailoring received some new recipes. More combat skills received new abilities.

Indiegogo Campaign Starts on November 1, 2016.

October 2016: Gear Treasure system was redesigned, and half the combat skills received new abilities and redesigned treasure mods. A system for Load-outs was added. Food mechanics and Gourmand were made important. Lots of bugs were fixed, and the Halloween 2016 event started.

September 2016: Minor fixes to dancing and druid events.

August 2016: Lots of bug fixes, Shamanic Infusion skill added, Synchronized dancing mechanic, re-balanced Work-Orders, and some new storage options for Lycanthropes and Druids created.

July 2016: Animal handling redesigned. Druid events added. Dance skill added. Recipe and item-value changes made.

May 2016: Introduced a new camera, added new Guild mechanics including quests, and expanded the Labyrinth dungeon in Ilmari. The Pig skill was redesigned.

April 2016: Guild Vault Logs were added. Vendor Stalls were introduced in Serbule. Player Library mechanics were improved (book rankings).

March 2016: Nature Appreciation and Flower Arrangement skills added. A new type of Favor quest was tested. Rahu and South Serbule zones added to the game. Special Weekend Bonuses were introduced. New monster mechanics including Dense Armor and minor regeneration were added. Evasion was reduced to only a few types of monsters. Chickens lay eggs.

February 2016: Evasion was introduced. Guild storage, and a last-online list added. The first randomly assigned quest NPC was added in Serbule. Many skills were modified.

January 2016: Hotfix system tested, it worked. Sandstorms were added, and briefly appeared as deer. EULA/Code of Conduct introduced. Animal Town added in Sun Vale. Dispensers and Rafflers were added. Alt key able to be used in setting shortcuts.


December 2015: Buckle Artistry skill was introduced. Tutorial Cave replaced with a new island experience. Belt system was reworked.

November 2015: Combat Refresh system added, additional floors added to the Yeti Caves. Augment Brewing skills were redesigned into Augmentation. Transmutation skill was added. Bat skill added.

October 2015: Test server was used to test the upcoming Augmentation skills. September 2015: Skeletons can travel between zones. New patcher introduced. Work Orders added. Industry skill added. Labyrinth dungeon added in Ilmari. Character movement system rewritten. Guild system introduced.

August 2015: Serbule Sewers dungeon expanded. User-created chat rooms added. Help and Trade added to default chat tabs. Brain Bug Cave dungeon added in Serbule. More instruments added. Civic Pride skill added. Pigs can dance.

Kickstarter Ends on August 24, 2015. 1,318 backers pledged $74,781.

July 2015: Tutorial Cave modified to accommodate incoming new players from Kickstarter. Yeti Cave dungeon added in Kur Mountains. Day/Night cycle added, and some flower spawns were added tied to the time of day. Added Full-Moon content for Werewolves. Trade GUI introduced. Skill caps begin to raise to level 60. Ilmari Desert zone added.

Kickstarter Begins on July 24, 2015

June 2015: Cow curse removed from tutorial cave. Starting inventory increased. Special settings added. Upgrade to Unity 5 (new lighting model). Dyes resemble the intended colors. Group-loot options added.

May 2015: Wolf Cave dungeon expanded. Kur Tower dungeon expanded. Ice Magic skill added. Sun Vale quadrupled in size. Exceptional treasure tier added.

April 2015: Pet mechanics were modified. Music command removed and skills added. Performance Appreciation buff introduced, along with plants responsive to music. Augment Brewing skills added. Borghild dungeon (Deathtrap Dungeon) redesigned.

March 2015: Boss regeneration replaced with increased health. Lots of mob mechanics were changed, and treasure effects.

February 2015: A new launcher introduced. Moon phases now match the real moon. Dark Chapel dungeon expanded. Goblin Dungeon in Eltibule expanded.

January 2015: Battle Chemistry skill redesigned. Animal Nexus dungeon added in Eltibule. Dark Chapel dungeon added in Eltibule. Treasure Cartography and Corpse Talking skills added. Metabolism bar added. Racial Jewelry slot added.


December 2014: Bug fixes in preparation for a large patch.

November 2014: DirectX 11 support added. Lots of loot and crafting changes. Item craft point system introduced. Winter Nexus dungeon added in Sun Vale. Loot permissions modified. Vocabulary skill added.

October 2014: Halloween event. Treasure chests added to Serbule Crypt. New website and forums introduced. Added an anti-zerging timer. Gourmand skill recalculated. Toolcrafting skill added. Invite command added for group use.

September 2014: Sun Vale zone added. Hammer and Druid skills added. Elite monsters introduced. Goblin Dungeon in Eltibule expanded. Kickstarter #2 unsuccessful.

August 2014: Kickstarter #2 launched on August 27th.


Late 2013: The game was updated from this version of Serbule & Eltibule: http://stratics.com/threads/screenshots-videos-image-heavy-thread.307794/

April 2013: Player Cows received the ability to be milked by other players.

Late March 2013 (27th - 29th): A Pre-Alpha for Project Gorgon was publicly posted. The game used the Unity Web Player at that point.


November 2012: Kickstarter #1 unsuccessful.

October 2012: Kickstarter #1 launches on October 3rd. On October 23rd, Pre-Alpha registration keys were provided to some on a first-come, first-serve basis.

June 2012: Random Loot generation added, Player Cows received some bug fixes.

February 2012: Pre-Alpha invite-only test. 14-20 Quests available for players.

January 2012: Pre-Alpha 0.1 tested for two hours on January 23rd with around a dozen players and 11 concurrent users! Most play-testers were defeated by Tigers.


October 2011: Lycanthropy and Words of Power added to game prototype.

September 2011: Animal Handling pets, sound effects, and animations added to game prototype.

June 2011: The first mention of Project Gorgon appeared in an Elder Game blog post from June 18.

Elder Game: Punditry is dumb. Switching to developer mode!