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The ability to learn new skills on your own, just from reading a book.
Skill Type:
Other Skill
Max Level:
VIP Active

Textbooks are studied via Autodidacticism hangouts, which can only be used by VIP accounts. However, anyone can WRITE textbooks... you just can't use them to gain offline XP without a VIP subscription.

Autodidacticism Overview

Autodidacticism is a skill exclusive to characters on accounts with an active VIP timer.

In-Game Description

The ability to learn new skills on your own, just from reading a book.

Training Autodidacticism

Connected Skills

  • None
Secondary Skills:
Related Skills:
  • None
Synergy Levels:

There are no Bonus Synergy Levels for Autodidacticism.

Recipe Lists


Autodidacticism Mechanics

Obtaining and Reading Books

Reading a text book using the Autodidacticism skill requires a text book in the range of your skills level. For example, if a players Animal Handling is level 6, then the player must first obtain an Animal Handling Textbook (Levels 1-10). A players Autodidacticism skill must be at the same level or higher than the skill to be trained also. For example, if a player has level 30 Animal Handling, but only level 15 Autodidacticism, then the player would be unable to use the Animal Handling Textbook (Levels 21-30). However, the player would be able to use the Animal Handling Textbook (Levels 11-20).

Currently, the two main ways to obtain textbooks are by purchasing them from NPC's or crafting them.

Hirochi the Booklord sells a limited selection of low level Combat Skill textbooks that go up to level 30.

Wintria Irasce sells a limited selection of low level Trade Skills textbooks that go up to level 30.

Non-Fiction Writing is the second way to obtain textbooks. The textbooks can either be crafted or purchased from other players who crafted them.

Currently, the textbooks available appear limited to Combat Skills, Beast Skills, and some Trade Skills.

A Full List of skills for which textbooks are available can be found below. (List coming soon-ish)

Once the textbook has been chosen and obtained, the next step to using the Autodidacticism skill is to find the Autodidacticism Table in Rahu. The Autodidacticism Table can be found in the safe section of Rahu in the building where Hirochi the Booklord and Wintria Irasce reside.

To begin training with the textbook, a player must select the Autodidacticism Table and "gift" the book to the table. Training using Autodidacticism acts as a Hang Out and once the book has been given to the table, a warning will appear notifying the player that beginning training will cancel out other currently active Hang Outs. An option will appear to train for 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. Selecting the 1 day Hang Out will use 5% durability on the textbook, 3 days will use X% durability, and 5 days will use 25% durability. The longer the training chosen, the more experience a player will receive upon completion of the Hang Out.

Once an Autodidacticism textbook Hang Out has been completed, the player will receive X experience in the combat skill and X experience in the Autodidacticism skill.

Autodidacticism Level Up Rewards

Level Bonus Skill

Autodidacticism Experience Table

Click Expand to view the Experience Table for Autodidacticism

Level Experience
1 10
2 50
3 50
4 50
5 50
6 210
7 210
8 210
9 210
10 210
11 420
12 420
13 420
14 420
15 420
16 680
17 680
18 680
19 680
20 680
21 990
22 990
23 990
24 990
25 990
26 1350
27 1350
28 1350
29 1350
30 1350
31 1760
32 1760
33 1760
34 1760
35 1760
36 2500
37 2500
38 2500
39 2500
40 2500
41 3210
42 3210
43 3210
44 3210
45 3210
46 4440
47 4440
48 4440
49 4440
50 4440


  • First mentioned in 2016, Autodidacticism was available to players starting in May 2021.