Non-Fiction Writing

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Non-Fiction Writing
Skill in writing non-fiction books, including textbooks.
Skill Type:
Trade Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

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Non-Fiction Writing Overview

Non-Fiction Writing is a crafting skill dedicated to the production of informational books. Books produced through this skill are read using Autodidacticism.

In-Game Description

Skill in writing non-fiction books, including textbooks.

Training Non-Fiction Writing

Connected Skills

Secondary Skills:
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Synergy Levels:

There are no Bonus Synergy Levels for Non-Fiction Writing.

Recipe Lists

Non-Fiction Writing Complete Recipe List

Non-Fiction Writing textbooks are crafted through the hang-out process and do not appear in any Recipe lists. Instead, available recipes can be found at a Non-Fiction Writing Table.

Skills with Textbooks

Required Hang Out Materials

Hangouts take 1 day 22 hours. (Still to be confirmed for higher level hangouts).

Levels Ingredients Earned XP
icon_6399.png Levels 0-10 x 1, x5 920
icon_6399.png Levels 11-20 x 3, x5 3496
icon_6399.png Levels 21-30 x 5, x5 4324
icon_6399.png Levels 31-40 x 3, x5 5221
icon_6399.png Levels 41-45 x 5, x5 7199
icon_6399.png Levels 46-50 x 5, x5 8878
icon_6399.png Levels 51-55 x 3, x5 13800
icon_6399.png Levels 56-60 x 3, x5 17825
icon_6399.png Levels 61-65 x 4, x5 21252
icon_6399.png Levels 66-70 x 4, x5
icon_6399.png Levels 71-75
icon_6399.png Levels 76-80
icon_6399.png Levels 81-85
icon_6399.png Levels 86-90
icon_6399.png Levels 91-95
icon_6399.png Levels 96-100

Non-Fiction Writing Mechanics

Writing Books at a Non-Fiction Writing Table

Books can be written using Non-Fiction Writing at a Non-Fiction Writing Table or Desk.

This is a desk for writing non-fiction textbooks. These textbooks can be studied by VIP players to gain experience via the Autodidacticism skill. (You need VIP access to use textbooks, but not to write them).

Write Book

Book writing happens while your character is offline. (You will "hang out" with this writing table for two days of offline time).

Each textbook is for a specifici skill and level range. To write the textbook, your Non-Fiction Writing skill must be at least as high as the book's minimum level, and your level in the book's topic skill must be 25 levels higher than the book's minimum level.

(For instance, to write the textbook for Shield levels 1-10, you'd need Non-Fiction Writing level 1 and Shield level 26. To write the book for Shield 11-20, you'd need Non-Fiction Writing level 11 an Shield level 36. And so on).

Here are all of the books you are capable of writing. Write which book?

— Non-Fiction Writing Desk

Once a book is selected from the list displayed on the table, additional details about crafting will be displayed.

You chose: Write Book (Levels XX - XX).

You will need ink and paper. To writethe book, you will undergo a two-day hangout with this writing table. Once the hangout is complete, the book will be done.

Warning: if you change hangouts after starting this one, the book will not be written and the materials will not be refunded.

Required materials:

- Ink x# (You have #)
- Parchment x# (You have #)

— Non-Fiction Writing Desk

If you are carrying the required materials, you will be given the option to start writing.

You've begun the hangout, Write Book (Levels XX - XX)

Your character will work on the book when offline. Remember that this is a hangout, so don't start a different hangout or your progress writing the book will be lost! (Along with the ink and paper!)

— Non-Fiction Writing Desk

Crafted Books

When books are written, they have a chance to generate with a higher or lower Textbook XP Earned, giving them a rarity. The rarity does not influence the value of each book, but changes the amount of favor received for gifting. A lower level book with an Exceptional rarity can result in greater favor earned than a higher level book with a Common rarity. However, adventurers seeking to quickly raise favor should craft the highest available Combat or Non-Combat Textbooks they have access to.

Example Book Rarity Textbook XP Earned:
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Common 80%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Common 90%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Common 100%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Uncommon 105%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Rare 110%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Exceptional 115%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Epic 120%
icon_6399.pngSword Textbook (Levels 61-65) Legendary ???%

Non-Fiction Writing Level Up Rewards

Level Bonus Skill

Non-Fiction Writing Experience Table

Click Expand to view the Experience Table for Non-Fiction Writing

Level Experience
1 10
2 50
3 50
4 50
5 50
6 210
7 210
8 210
9 210
10 210
11 420
12 420
13 420
14 420
15 420
16 680
17 680
18 680
19 680
20 680
21 990
22 990
23 990
24 990
25 990
26 1350
27 1350
28 1350
29 1350
30 1350
31 1760
32 1760
33 1760
34 1760
35 1760
36 2500
37 2500
38 2500
39 2500
40 2500
41 3210
42 3210
43 3210
44 3210
45 3210
46 4440
47 4440
48 4440
49 4440
50 4440