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This page records all known available Hang Out options for NPCs, by populating lists with information from the pages of each NPC.

Please note that some NPCs do not have Hang Out.

Anagoge Island

The NPCs of the starter island

Name Hang Out
  • Sit around and be Lawara's pet (4 hours) [Neutral]

- Requires a Beast Form. Reward for Sit around and be Lawara's pet"

There! You're all cleaned! Want to fetch the stick some more? No? Well, that's okay. I need to take a nap anyway, so I guess you can stop being my pet now and go do fun doggie things. Thanks for being such a good friend
35 favor with Lawara
300 XP in your Beast Form

Reward for Help carve marionettes

35 favor with Lawara
300 Carpentry XP
  • Check each other for lice (1 hour) [Neutral]

Reward for Check each other for lice

12 favor with Lawara

Reward for Share your experiences with amnesia

20 favor with Lawara
300 Unarmed XP

The Region of Serbule

Serbule Keep and surrounding area

Name Hang Out
Akhisa's Herald

Sit quietly and ambush small game (4h) Repeatable?

  • 35 favor

Sit quietly and ambush small game again (4h)

Sit quietly and ambush small game yet again (4h)


  • Discuss geologic digging techniques (3 hours)
27 favor with Blanche
100 Geology XP
2 Tsavorite
  • Explore rudimentary fire magic techniques (3 hours)
27 favor with Blanche
200 fire magic XP
3 Fire Dust
  • Talk about how the council needs to send more researchers to Serbule (60 minutes)
12 favor with Blanche
10 Lore xp
  • Repeatable Search for antique Human artifacts (4 hours)
35 favor with Blanche
10 Lore XP
1 Plate
  • Repeatable Go hunting for Rubywall crystals (8 hours)
65 Favor with Blanche
100 Geology XP
10 Rubywall Crystal

Spoiler text.
Charles Thompson
Creepy Alchemist
Dye Monster

Hike to a remote meditation pillar(8h)

65 favor with Echur
300 Meditation XP

Hike to a remote meditation pillar (8h) (unlocked after the first one)

65 favor
450 Meditation XP

Explore new mind-altering compounds(4h)

35 favor with Echur
25 Mycology XP
4 Blusher Mushroom

Repeatable Meditate with Echur(60m)

Echur said, "Now we're ready to face the day! Come back next week and meditate with me again."

12 favor with Echur
100 Meditation XP

Share some cranium powder and have a deep discussion(60m)

12 favor with Echur
50 Meditation XP
1 Cranium Powder

Practice reading each others' minds (2h)

20 favor
200 Meditation XP

Take Echur up on his intimate invitation(8h) (unlocked after "Practice reading each others' minds")

65 favor with Echur
400 Meditation XP
1 Ring of Telepathic Pestering
Recipe for Elven Infertility Cantrip

At [Above Neutral] Elahil offers to hang out:

Go bow-hunting for stags (4 hours)

35 favor
300 Archery XP

Help restring old bows (60 minutes)

12 favor
150 Archery XP

;Test various arrowhead designs (2 hours)

20 favor
150 Archery XP

Fainor's Hang Outs

  • Collect Mushrooms for stew (8h)
65 favor with Fainor
200 Mycology XP
20 Parasol Mushrrom
10 Mycena Mushroom
  • Help clean up the inn (3h)
27 favor with Fainor
1 BBQ Ribs
  • Cut deer carcasses for venison (2h)
20 favor with Fainor
200 Butchering XP
1 Vension
  • Watch potatoes bake (4h)
35 favor with Fainor
100 Cooking XP
5 Potato
  • Help butcher pigs to make steaks (60m)
12 favor with Fainor
100 Butchering XP
1 Pork Shoulder
  • Collect crabs by the river (60m)
12 favor with Fainor
100 Fishing XP
5 Crab
  • Collect more crabs
20 favor with Fainor
5 crab
Recipe for Crab Roll
  • Taste-test new vegetarian recipes (60m)
12 favor with Fainor
100 Gourmand XP
Fitz the Boatman

  • Scour the Woods Looking for Wounded Animals to Put Down (2h)
20 favor with Fila
2 Vension

  • Hunt For Light Fey In The Woods and Nearby Hills (8h)
65 favor with Fila
1 Cold Iron Shackles

  • Discuss the Politics of Fey Courts (30min)
5 Favor with Fila
25 Lore

  • Set Up Traps and Cull Excess Rabbits From the Forest (2h)
20 Favor with Fila
3 Simple First Aid Kits

  • Frolic in the Woods and Bury Gold for Mortals to Find (3h)
27 Favor with Fila
100 Coins
Harry the Wolf

  • Discuss the tax code(60m)
12 favor with Hulon
25 Lore XP
  • Check business receipts (4h) Repeatable
35 favor with Hulon
400 coins
  • Double-check the month's records (8h) Repeatable
65 favor with Hulon
800 coins

Spoiler text.

Explore nearby ruined tombs for ancient treasures (3 hours)

27 favor with Ivyn
100 Unarmed XP
1 Anchor Rune

Talk about the Sampo legend over dinner (2 hours)

20 Favor with Ivyn
25 Lore XP
1 Chicken and Broccoli

Repeatable Help till the fields (8 hours)

Ivyn said, "It's pretty rare to find someone around town who's willing to work that hard! I'm impressed! Take these fresh vegetables as payment."

65 favor with Ivyn
200 Gardening XP
10 Broccoli

Repeatable Collect manure from the cow fields (4 hours)

Ivyn said, "Quite a haul we got! Here's your share, thanks for the help!"

37.8 Favor with Ivyn
50 Gardening XP
3x Bottle of Fertilizer

Have a beer and discuss how stupid the council is (60 minutes)

Ivyn said, "And that's not even the worst part! The worst part is that we no longer have any representation! It's practically a dictatorship! Ah, but listen to me. If those wizards were really dictators, I suppose I'd have been smote down for my complaints by now, eh?"

12 favor with Ivyn
25 Lore XP

  • Talk about how stupid humans are(30m)
5 favor with Joeh
1 Red Apple
  • Participate in a leather party (Like Family - 8h)
65 favor with Joeh
1 Joeh's Old Sword
Recipe for Elven Infertility Cantrip
  • Spar with padded swords(2h)
20 favor with Joeh
200 Sword XP
  • Help refurbish some used swords(60m)
12 favor with Joeh
100 Sword XP
  • Decorate for a leather party(60m)
12 favor with Joeh
10 shoddy Animal Skin
  • Go hunt for pig together(3h)
27 favor with Joeh
10 Bacon

Spoiler text.
Jurl the Boatman

  • Help Larsan organize his inventory (2 hours)
20 favor with Larsan
250 coins
  • Help Larsan untangle knotted necklaces (3 hours)
27 favor with Larsan
1 Ring of Multiple Lacerations

Spoiler text.
Legacy Item Replacer
Leonard Allenson

Lugnir does not offer Hang Out options.


Check Marna's spider traps (60 minutes)

Fill out first aid kits (2 hours)

Take inventory of shop wares (4 hours) [Friends]

Research words of power

Mushroom Jack

  • Prepare for the inevitable Myconian invasion (5h)
42 favor with Mushroom Jack
1 Brainwave Safety Hat
5 Good First Aid Kit
  • Hunt for Myconians down in the ravine (4h)
35 favor with Mushroom Jack
100 Myconic XP
  • Discuss optimal fungal growth cycles (2h)
20 favor with Mushroom Jack
5 Parasol Mushroom
  • Catch fish in the river (4h)
35 favor with Mushroom Jack
50 Fishing XP
3 Crab
2 Clownfish
  • Experiment with mushroom-based infusion recipes (10h)
80 favor
Tuft of Fur
Power Potion
3x Butter
  • Experiment with mushroom-based infusion recipes (8h) (unlocked after 10h "Experiment with...")
65 favor
250 Mycology XP
  • Hunt under the influence of mushroom-based infusions (8h) (unlocked after 10h "Experiment with...")
Available at Close Friends
60 favor
Crude Animal Skin
Brainwave Safety Hat
  • Experiment with mushroom-based infusion recipes (6h) (unlocked after 8h "Experiment with...")
50 favor
Recipe for Myconian Resistance Lager

Spoiler text.
Nelson Ballard
Norbert/Strange Pig
  • Help Rita braid her hair (60 min)
12 favor with Rita
2 Hair Tie
  • Help Rita make navel rings (4 hours)
35 favor with Rita
1 Navel Ring of Cleanliness (Max Cleanliness +1)
  • Take a hike through the woods and then have sex (12 hr)
95 favor with Rita
Recipe for Elven Sexual Energy Cantrip
  • Spy on Marna to discover her hair secrets (8 hr)
65 favor with Rita
Recipe for Human Hair-Cleaning Cantrip
  • Help Rita make soap (5 hr)
42 favor with Rita
50 Alchemy XP
Recipe for Floral Soap
  • Play with the giant rats in town (2 hr)
20 favor with Rita
3 Violet
Roshun the Traitor

Spoiler text.
Sir Coth

Patrol the town perimeter (4h)

35 favor with Sir Coth
10 rough animal skins
Recipe for Human Anti-Drowsy Cantrip

Help polish Sir Coth's armor

12 favor
200 Armor Patching XP
3x Good Armor Patch Kit

Talk about how beautiful Rita is (60m)

12 favor with Sir Coth
1 apple juice
  • Argue about whether elves have souls (2h)
20 favor with Sir Coth
25 Lore exp

Spy on the elves in town to see what they're planning

Did you tip them off? No? Well how did they know to shut up about all their sneaking and backstabbing, then? I don't get it. Harumph. Well anyways, keep those potions I gave you. I'm sure an emergency will arise eventually. Just not today.
40 favor with Sir Coth
3 Regeneration Potion

Let Tadion model a new helmet design around your head (failure) (60 minutes)

12 favor with Tadion

Let Tadion model a new helmet design around your head (success) (60 minutes)

12 favor with Tadion
Flanged Helm

Help fix up the cow pasture outside of town (6 hours)

50 favor with Tadion
1 Bitter-Mint Tea

Help Tadion make new horseshoes (2 hours)

20 favor with Tadion
100 Blacksmithing XP

Teaching Golem

Help prepare Hard Cider (2 hours) [Close Friends] - Learn Brewing first.

This is applejack! Nelson Ballard taught me how to make it. He says lots of humans love it. Try it. You like it? Well, it's an 'acquired taste.' But you'll like it if you drink enough!

I need to let this new stuff ferment, so I don't have a lot to share right now. But since you helped me, I'll teach you the recipes I use!
20 favor with Therese
Recipe for Applejack (Un-Aged)
Recipe for Applejack (Drinkable Cask)

At [Comfortable] Velkort offers to hang-out:

Practice basic magic drills (3h) [Neutral]

Help develop superior fire techniques (16h)

125 favor with Velkort
200 Fire Magic XP

Practice throwing and dodging fireballs (2h)

20 favor with Velkort
250 Fire Magic XP

Collect fire dust from the forest (4h)

35 favor with Velkort
100 Fire Magic XP

Discuss magical theory (4h)

35 favor with Velkort
50 Lore XP

Play with Velkort's sentient flame (60m)

10 favor with Velkort
25 Lore XP

Serbule Crypt

Name Hang Out
Pulsing Crystal
Sir Arif
Strange Spider

Myconian Cave

Name Hang Out

*Sit quietly and try to absorb power from the soil! (2h)

20 favor with Mu
1 Strange Dirt

*Share a cranium powder and talk about interspecies problems (1h) [Comfortable]

12 favor with Mu

Crystal Cavern

There are no NPCs in the Crystal Cavern at this time.

Serbule Sewers

There are no NPCs in the Serbule Sewers at this time.

Carpal Tunnels

Name Hang Out

*Experiment with toxic sludge recipes (60m)

12 Favor, 50 Alchemy XP

*Repeatable Help swap out mana sponges (30m)

5 Favor, 1 Ambient Magic Sponge


There are no NPCs in Borghild at this time.

Serbule Hills

The South Serbule region.

Name Hang Out
Baroness Marith Felgard
Brianna Willer
  • Weed the entire garden while Brianna watches and complains (3 hours) [Neutral]

Reward for Weed the entire garden while Brianna watches and complains

You missed another one! There! No, smaller. See, under your thumb. Yes, it's small now, but in a few weeks it'd become a full-sized weed. You should take some pride in your work! Okay, fine! Thanks for your help. I'll do the rest later.
25 favor with Brianna Willer
Strange Dirt x1
  • Help Brianna prepare barley for beer (4 hours) [Comfortable] - Complete Earlier Hang Out

Reward for Help Brianna prepare barley for beer"

How's the shucking coming along? Well, okay, that's enough for now. Hm? That barley over there? No, no, that's eatin' barley! I use the low-protein barley for brewing, and the high-protein barley for bread. I'm all out of bread or I'd let you taste some. But here: let me write down my recipe for you.
40 Favor
Recipe for Barley Bread
Durstin Tallow

*Help Durstin prepare tomorrow's food (60 minutes)

15 Favor
Recipe for Scrambled Egg

Discuss Ranalon Culture (2h) [Neutral]

Gershok said, "You almost understand it... you see, when the male fertilizes the eggs, only some of the male's memories are included. But all of the female's memories are included into the egg. For instance, I was the thirtieth egg my mother laid. I still have her memories of laying the 29 eggs before me. They are... horrible memories. More pickled fish? Oh, please, take it with you! You'll no doubt want to eat it later.

20 favor with Gershok

Help Gershok prepare a totemic infusion (1h) [Comfortable]

Reward ???

Jaime Fatholm
Julius Patton
Lana Songtree
Paul Vaughn
Sammie Grimspine
Tyler Green

The Duchy of Eltibule

Eltibule Keep, Hogan's Keep, and surrounding region.

Name Hang Out

*;Skim the whey off the latest batch of Neufchatel (4 hours)

35 favor with Braigon
2 Bottle of Whey

*;Experiment with new varieties of raclette cheese (4 hours)

35 favor with Braigon
500 Cheesemaking XP

*;Go with Braigon to milk cows (60 min)

12 favor with Braigon
1 Grass

*;Help Prepare basic whey (4 hours)

35 favor with Braigon
Recipe for Cream Cheese
Dye Maker
George Madler

Card cotton and talk about the weather (4 hours)

  • 35 favor with George Malder
  • 500 Textile Creation XP
  • 5 Carded Cotton

Card cotton and talk about George's dead family (4 hours)

  • 35 favor with George Malder
  • 500 Textile Creation XP
  • 5 Carded Cotton

Card cotton and talk about George's escape from slavery (4 hours)

  • 35 favor with George Malder
  • 500 Textile Creation XP
  • 5 Carded Cotton
Gretchen Salas

Gossip with Gretchen about the elves in Eltibule Keep (? hours) [Neutral]

  • 12 favor with Gretchen Salas
  • 1 Gretchen's Potato Rolls

Help Gretchen prepare her famous potato vodka (4 hours) [Like Family]

Okay, that's enough potatoes! Now I need to go age them. Here, take a swig of the finished stuff. Good huh? Yeah! This is my favorite vodka recipe. It was King Eltibule's secret vice!

  • 40 favor with Gretchen Salas
  • Recipe for Potato Vodka (Un-Aged)
  • Recipe for Potato Vodka (Drinkable Cask)
Helena Veilmoor

Sharpen swords (3 hr) [Comfortable]

27 favor with Helena
1 Quality Sword

Play Rage Deck with Hogan and Braigon (4 hours)

35 favor with Helena
500 Psychology XP

Discuss the mantis gang that Helena owes money to (1 hour) [Neutral]

So yeah, there's four of these guys in this Red Wing Gang, all big dumb mantis people. I don't know mantis people from orcs, but they seemed pretty out of it. So I got them playing Rage Deck. I let them win a few then I did the double down a few times, where I bet them money i didn't have so i could keep playing expecting to clean them out. But they knew i was counting cards the whole time, because they could read my mind! They let me hang myself out to dry. i have never felt so humiliated. Or terrified. And now my pineal juice dealer wont talk to me because he says I "bring danger to his home." Whatever. I was trying to quit anyway."

12 favor with Helena
25 lore

Talk about Hogan (1 hour) [Comfortable]

Helena said, "And he just looks so muscular, working in the yard all day. Have you seen his arms? They're huge!

But yeah. Apparently he's not interested in me romantically at all. Life can be such bullcrap, you know?"

12 favor with Helena

At [Comfortable] Hogan offers to Hang Out:

  • Practice staff-fighting with Hogan (2h)
20 favor with Hogan
500 Staff XP

  • Let Hogan try his new Staff moves on you (2h)
20 favor with Hogan
500 Staff XP

  • Patrol outside the keep with Hogan (2h)
20 favor with Hogan
1 Regeneration Potion

Discuss vegetarian recipes (60 min)

12 favor with Jesina
100 Cooking XP
Recipe for

Go searching for butterflies in the meadow (3 hr)

25 favor with Jesina
100 Arthropod Anatomy XP

Talk about Sarina's condition (60 min)

12 favor with Jesina

Help prepare a special meal for Sarina (3 hr)

25 favor with Jesina
250 Cooking XP

Go fishing (5 hr)

40 favor with Jesina
200 Fish and Snail Anatomy XP

Listen to Jumjab ramble about his life (2hr)

20 favor with Jumjab
1 Jumjab's Necrogloves (gloves with necro gem embedded)

Help Jumjab sell his services to local humans (8hr)

65 favor with Jumjab
1200 Corpse Talking XP


Help clean skins (5 hours)

Compare skinning techniques (4 hours)

Discuss marital stress (3 hours)

Percy Evans

Click to see Hang Outs

  • Stand in the lookout tower and watch bear movements (5 hr)
42 favor with Percy Evans
2 Super Regeneration Potion
  • Check the perimeter (30 min)
?? favor with Percy Evans
  • Talk about Percy's dead wife in torturous detail (3 hr)
28.89 favor with Percy Evans
20 Femur
3 Rakshasa Skull
Sie Antry

  • Help weed the garden (6 hours) Repeatable
50 favor with Sie Antry
4 Oregano
4 Carrot
  • Scour the perimeter of the homestead for rogue molluscs (5 hours)
42 favor with Sie Antry
1 Sie Antry's Bracelet or Sie Antry's Talisman
  • Help clean the house (60 minutes)
12 favor with Sie Antry
2 Potato
28 Coins
  • Talk about how to improve the trade routes (2 hours)
20 favor with Sie Antry
25 Lore XP
1 Mild Cheddar Cheese

Spoiler text.
Suspicious Cow

Chat and graze (1 hour) [Comfortable]


Chew cud and relax (2 hours) [Comfortable]


Nap and forage (3 hours) [Comfortable]


Some sex cow thing

30ish favor 200 foraging xp 1 grass

Thimble Pete

  • Discuss Yasinda's disappointment with her daughter's choice of profession (3h)
27 favor with Yasinda
1 Earrings of Community
At [?? (Comfortable to Close Friends)] Yetta offers to hang out:

Taste-test new alchemical concoctions

12 favor with Yetta
100 Alchemy XP
1 Bottle of Water

Commiserate about Sirine (5 hours)

42 favor with Yetta
10 Weak Poisoned Knife

Help clean spider legs for use in potions (4 hours)

35 favor
Recipe for Memory Inhibitor (reduces combat XP by 50% for 1 hour)

Experiment with memory-erasing potions (60 minutes)

12 favor
Bestows Pounding Headache effect (-25 power) for 30 minutes

Experiment with memory-erasing potions (3 hours)

27 favor
Recipe for Perfect Memory Inhibitor

Experiment with memory-erasing potions (4 hours)

35 favor
Bestows Memory Inhibitor effect (no combat xp earned) for 2 hours
Bestows Overclocked Mind effect (+1 power/sec) for 2 hours

Experiment with memory-erasing potions (8 hours)

65 favor
Memory Enhancer x2

Eltibule Crypt

There are no NPCs in the Eltibule Crypt at this time.

Goblin Dungeon

Name Hang Out

  • Rub Balms and Oils into Yalox's Exposed Flesh (60m)
Yalox said, "Yes! Is your throat aching? Mine toooo. It is glorious! But there is a poultice to fix sore throats. Let me teach you"
12 Favor with Yalox
1 Nightmare Flesh
  • Howl in commiseration (2hr)
Yalox said, "Yes! Is your throat aching? Mine toooo. It is glorious! But there is a poultice to fix sore throats. Let me teach you"
20 favor with Yalox
200 First Aid XP

Spoiler text.

Animal Nexus

There are no NPCs in the Animal Nexus at this time.

Boarded up Basement

There are no NPCs in the Boarded up Basement at this time.

Dark Chapel

Name Hang Out
Katarina Eltibule

The harsh land of Kur Mountains

NPCs encountered around Ukorga's Inn, and the rest of the region.

Name Hang Out
Gloria Stonecurl
Jace Soral

  • Clean and prepare wolfsbane (60m)
  • Chop firewood and clean the campsite (4h)
35 favor with Jace Soral
3 Power Potion Extreme

Spoiler text.
Janet Lews
Landri the Cold

Discuss Ice Magic basic concepts (2 hr)

20 favor with Landri the Cold
300 Fire Magic XP

Practice Ice magic on Each other (2 hr)

20 favor with Landri the Cold
300 Fire Magic XP

Help make alchemical concoctions (6 hr)

50 favor with Landri the Cold
Recipe for Coldbite Potion

Help make complex alchemical concotions (12hr) [Close Friends]

95 favor with Landri the Cold
Recipe for Coldgnaw Potion

Help make advanced alchemical concoctions (18hr)

140 favor with Landri the Cold
Recipe for Coldrend Potion
Laura Neth

Laura offers to Hang Out at [Friends]:

Help chop veggies and talk about the weather (60m)
12 favor
50 Cooking XP

Talk about how terrible orcs are (2 hours)

20 favor

Help bake biscuits (4 hours)

Talk about how terrible werewolves are (2 hours)

20 favor

Help prepare snacking cheese (8 hours)

Help prepare next week's meals (8 hours)

Ratuk the Thinker

  • Hunt for werewolves (5h)
50 favor with Sanja
500 Lycanthropy XP

Spoiler text.

Help butcher sheep for meals (3 hours)

  • 27 favor with Ukorga
  • 300 Butchering XP
  • 1 Mutton

Repeatable Help shovel snow off the nearby road (4 hours) - Resets every ? (week maybe?)

  • 35 favor with Ukorga

Repeatable Tan skins and discuss politics (4 hours) - Resets every ? (week maybe?)

  • 35 favor with Ukorga
  • 3 Decent Leather Rolls

Kur Tower

Name Hang Out

Compare more phrenology notes

- 20 favor with Glajur
- 500 Rakshasa or Goblin Phrenology XP

Compare yet more phrenology notes (2h)

20 Favor, 500 Goblin Phrenology XP

Wolf Cave

Name Hang Out

Yeti Cave

Name Hang Out
Broken Glowing Sphere
Glowing Sphere

The region of Sun Vale

NPCs encountered at the Gigantic Tree, and the Druid Groves.

Name Hang Out
Cinnamon the rabbit
Jake the Buckler
  • Trade badass warrior stories (4 hours)

Hear Jake the Buckler's Story
35 Favor
50 Lore XP

Spoiler text.

  • Watch Jake work on his masterpiece buckle (3 hours)

25 favor
200 Buckle Artistry XP

Spoiler text.
The Wombat

  • Help sand planks (2h)
20 Favor
10 Cedar Wood

Spoiler text.

  • Help sharpen utility knives (60m)
12 favor with Yogzi
250 Toolcrafting XP
  • Help sand down spider harnesses (2h)
20 favor with Yogzi
500 Toolcrafting XP
  • Test butchering knife designs
35 favor with Yogzi
750 Toolcrafting XP
1 Troll Flesh

Spoiler text.

Winter Nexus

Name Hang Out
Corey The Croaker

The deserts of Ilmari

The NPCs of Amulna and the surrounding wasteland

Name Hang Out
Alravesa the All-Hunter

Help Arlan clean up the hot springs area (5 hours)

Brainstorm a business plan for Arlan's shop (2 hours)

Let Arlan reminisce about his dead wife (1 hour) [Comfortable]

Brandon Mellus
Falkrin Overstrike

Organize Firaki's dye inventory (2h)

20 Favor

Let Firaki practice her sales pitches on you (60m)

12 Favor

Prepare food for the dinner rush (60m) [Neutral]

12 Favor

Help Selaxi collect cactus juice (4h) [Comfortable] ???

Spoiler text.

Paste flyers for Selaxi's Shop around town (3h) [Comfortable]

27 Favor
Sir Johnson
The Sand Seer


The NPCs of Rahu

Name Hang Out

Assist Amutasa in preparing an order of hammers (5h).

  • 40 favor with Amutasa
  • 650 Toolcrafting XP

Go with Amutasa into the dangerous parts of Rahu to shop for specialty tools (3h).

  • 27 favor with Amutasa
  • x 3
  • Debuff: Scalded (30m) (-10% out-of-combat armor regeneration)
Ashk the Answerer

Let Ashk evaluate your animal body for potential soothsaying knowledge (5h) [Comfortable] Hint

Help Ashk prepare animal guts for soothsaying (3h)

Let Ashk practice new soothsaying techniques on you (8h)

  • Augury: Swift (1 hour) - (+3 out-of-combat sprint speed)
  • 80 favor with Ashk

Daniel Murderdark

Let Furlak cook breakfast for you before you begin the day's training (2h).

  • 25 Favor with Furlak
  • Recipe for Basic Ham Omelet

Train in martial arts under Furlak's tutelage (8h).

  • 65 Favor with Furlak
  • 3000 Unarmed XP
Ichin the Ice Master

Have a heated discussion about ice magic concepts

  • 65 favor with Ichin
  • 3x Ice Core
Lady Windsong

Help Nishika prepare the Generals meal (4h).

Nishika said, "Do you think he'll really come eat here? General Pask, I mean. I hope not. The doors aren't even tall enough for him. I kinda wish those old first-gen Rakshasa would finally kick off and die! They're so powerful, but so.. set in their ways, you know? Anyways if he does come tonight, he's gonna love this Spicy Lemon Cat dish! Thanks for your help preparing the meat. Oh, hey, if you want to learn to make this recipe yourself, I'd be willing to train you."
  • 44 favor
  • 2x Red Pepper
  • unlocks training the Spicy Lemon Cat recipe

Help Nishika prepare tomorrow's stew (2h).

Nishika said, "Aw, crap, I broke the tenderizer. Let's stop; I think that's enough meat for the stew, don't you? Thank you so much for your hard work!"
  • 25 favor
  • Recipe for Cat Stew Cup

Do the dishes at Nishika's restaurant (4h).

  • 40 favor
  • 2x House Cat
Sergeant Ultaka

Let Shirogin use you as a dummy to model clothing on (5 hours)

You're not very good at standing still, you know! But we're almost done for the day. Try on these gloves. How's the fit? Comfortable? Hm, that's too bad. They're supposed to be exquisitely comfortable, not just 'comfortable'. Oh yes, there's a difference. And if these were exquisitely comfortable, I would have been able to tell from your reaction. No, it's fine. Failure happens. Take the gloves and go now. I have work to do.


50 favor with Shirogin

Help Shirogin prepare new textiles (8 hours)

That's the final bolt of gold cloth. What an annoyance this has been! But you've been most helpful. I suppose there's no keeping it from you now: you saw how I make my gold dye. You can make it for your own clothes, but please, don't let others know the secret formula!


80 favor with Shirogin
Recipe for

Gossip with Shirogin about the generals of Rahu (5 hours)

Help cut cloth for a new shirt (2 hours)

No, stop! Oh no, you cut too much!

Yes, I know that's how much I told you to cut, but I just changed my mind, and you didn't stop in time! Now the whole idea is ruined! Oh, just get out. Go! Take the cloth with you.


20 favor with Shirogin

Help Sirine clean the newest batch of furs (8h)

Disgusting work, I know. And this is when I miss my wife the most. She's such an amazing alchemist! Her cleaning chemicals made leatherworking so much more fun. But ah, she was so scatterbrained... she lit my hair on fire many times with her screwups and clumsiness. The worst was when burned poor Zaki here... he wouldn't stay in the same room with her after that! But we could have made it work, if not for her other 'hobby.' She wanted to be a shopkeeper! So annoying! Oh, listen to me rattle on. I home you enjoyed the tea, at least? It's popular everywhere in Verta, but this particular formulation was my mother's. Let me show you how it's made!

80 favor with Sirine
Recipe for Bitter-Mint Tea

Let Sirine know what Yetta has been up to lately (3h)

27 Favor (with Sirine)

Discuss Yetta's situation and consider Sirine's options (4h)

35 Favor, Letter for Yetta (giving this to Yetta grants 86 favor with Yetta)

Consider Yetta and Sirine's situation now that you delivered Sirine's note (3h)

27 Favor, Sirine's Lucky Belt of the Hunter (bonus to archery, sword damage)

Help cure Sirine of her loneliness (7h)

70 Favor, 2x Lembas Brick