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Animal Town X-Force is a level 5 secret society hidden within Alharth! We are mainly made up of animals that originally originated from Animal Town in Sunvale.

However, we come in all kinds of shapes and forms all possessing many magical abilities in which we use for either our own purposes or for others in Alharth.

Keep in mind, while many of us are indeed animals. We are not an animal only society and we are also made up of many druids and other unique creatures that we deem powerful enough to join our ranks.

Therefore, while all animals are indeed encouraged to join us, we do not discriminate against non-animals. Simply, if the X-Force chooses you, then your obviously meant to be here.

However, We are indeed a very casual society made up of very powerful new and advanced disciples who seek to create an environment, where we all can learn and enjoy ourselves. Thus, We are known to run many dungeons & events as well as provide guidance to those that seek it.


Animal Town X-Force was founded on April 1st, 2021 by the Rakshasa Plaximos. Plaximos is a powerful fire mage and druid as well as a shapeshifter who originally came from the desert lands of llmari, particularly Amulna. Plaximos was sick of the desert life and thus sought out the tropical island of Sunvale, as a new way to live his life. He created the society partly because he was living undercover in Animal Town for quite some time as a shapeshifted druidic spider and thus wanted a new community of animals that didn't particularly identify with the original rules of Animal Town. Therefore, he created this new society that allowed both animals, non-animals and all creatures to come together as one aka the "X-Force". As mentioned previously, Plaximos is a Rakshasa, who came to Animal Town as a means of curiosity as well as a new way of life, after hearing stories about the many intelligent animals that dwelled here.

So what does the X in Animal Town X-Force stand for?

The X in our name stands for Xaroncharoo, which is a smart person word that means we are brilliant, evil, and insane. It is simply the characteristic that we embody and is also one that we look for in future members. Animal Town X-Force as a whole are considered outcasts in Alharth as many citizens don't understand us or are simply afraid of us. Therefore, we are very powerful but misunderstood by many because most of us are animals. Also, the same rules apply to others that are associated with animals within our society. Thus, animals and anyone associated with animals are looked down upon for the most part within Alharth!


Animal Town X-Force is organized by many different ranks. It starts off with "Untamed Beast", which is a disciple who essentially is on probation for some sort of wrongdoing. It then goes "Sleeping Disciple", which is a new disciple. Then, "Awakened Disciple" who has proven themselves to the guild as well as lastly "Crystalized Disciple", which is seen as a disciple that has shown a great amount of loyalty and respect. In which all disciples should seek! It is also the last rank a disciple can become naturally through regular promotion.

From Crystalized Disciple Onward, There is then a "Crystalized Council" which is made up of 6 different disciples, including Plaximos in which all have their own unique titles to distinguish them from regular disciples. The Crystalized Council runs Animal Town X-Force collectively. However, each disciple that belongs to the council might out rank another council disciple depending on when they were put into the council. Please see below for ranking of the council disciples.

Crystalized Council

  • "The Crystalized Chieftain" Plaximos/Lollipop-(April 1st, 2021)

  • "The Calculating Meteorologist" Nuka/Niera/Enda/Tamie/Laurami (April 25th, 2021)

  • "The Radiant Operative" KoGenri-(May 5th, 2021)
  • "The Untouchable Spy Master" MushySnugglebites-(July 14th, 2021)

  • "The Immortal One" RuinedMaddy/RuinedRose/Feyla-(September 13th, 2021)

  • "The Electrifying Bloodthirst" Vasiliy-(September 30th, 2021)

Leader of Animal Town X-Force

  • "The Crystalized Chieftain" Plaximos/Lollipop


If you are interested in joining Animal Town X-Force, Please contact the leader of Animal Town X-Force or any of the six disciples in the "Crystalized Council" listed above! Although, if you do happen to run into any other disciples associated with "Animal Town X-Force". Then, you can simply just whisper them for an invite as well too.

You may also join our Discord Channel.

All animals, non-animals and creatures are all welcome to join Animal Town X-Force!

Notable Mentions

Animal Town X-Force became a level 1 society! April 26th, 2021

Animal Town X-Force became a level 2 society! May 14th, 2021

Animal Town X-Force became a level 3 society! June 10th, 2021

Animal Town X-Force became a level 4 society! July 29th, 2021

Animal Town X-Force became a level 5 society! October 8th, 2021

Guild Colors

The colors for Animal Town X-Force are any kinds of purple dye, pink dye, black dye or aqua marine dye. So if you want represent us in Alharth, just mix and match those dyes. This is completely optional of course, so only do it if you feel like showing off our guild colors!

Confidants of Animal Town X-Force

The X-Force Classified them as "Sunvale's Swamp Titans"! To the rest of Alharth, they are known as the X-Force's Confidants or Close Allies!

Sunvale Swamp Titans 136x127.png

  • Tornadocholo
  • Mellon
  • Shanarxi
  • WiccaDaSloth
  • Piptendo