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Illegitimus: Slang latin for bastards
Arrow: Direction, Force, Strength Snake: Transformation, Immortality, Healing Sword: Righteousness, Justice, Honor. Wing: Aspiration, Protection, Freedom


We established Illegitimus as a gaming community back in 2011 with the purpose of keeping friends and family members playing together. We welcome anyone to join our great adventure as we continue to explore the depths of Project: Gorgon while helping the greater Project: Gorgon community.


Illegitimus was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because MMORPGs are best played in the company of friends.


All members of our chapter are considered equal however the responsibility of this chapter rests in the hands of the following.


  • Ahmayzing
  • Jinador
  • McKringleberry


  • Xpe
  • Fennal
  • Stappy
  • Eryn
  • Jesse
  • Waikikamukau
  • Hackva
  • Daktu
  • Miradras


Here is a link to the Recruitment thread on the Project: Gorgon forums. If you reply to that thread, we will reach out to assist with your invite into the guild.

We are an international gaming community that welcomes all friendly and outgoing players that are seeking a community to call home. We do not tolerate begging, scamming, deception, derogatory or prejudice remarks involving, but not limited to, gender, nationality, religious and political beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Most active playtimes: 6pm-1am (PST)

We are a rank 5 guild that is always seeking to make new friends.



Steam Group

Steam Group

Notable Mentions

We have a championship winning Drift Cow , sponsored by Toyo, that actively competes in the D1GP.

Previous Chapters

Illegitimus has or has had active chapters in the following MMORPGs

  • World of Warcraft: Classic (Active)
  • ATLAS (inactive)
  • Albion Online (inactive)
  • World Adrift (inactive)
  • ArcheAge (inactive)
  • Darkfall 2009 (inactive)

Future Chapters

Illegitimus will seek to have an active chapter in the following MMORPGs

  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
  • Ashes of Creation
  • New World
  • Sage of Lucimia
  • Star Citizen