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We are a laid back guild involved in a lot of activities including dungeon runs, gardening and running events. We don't require a lot of dedication from our members, but do encourage participation if you enjoy any of those activities. Anyone is welcome to join our discord, whether you're interested in joining the guild or just stopping by to chat.


The guild was first created when Sims, Andrij, Daimes, SassySusie, and a few others came together and decided we wanted to create something new, a place where players could come to make friends, run dungeons, and get advice from veteran players.


The guild follows a simple hierarchy.

Guild Leadership

The guild leadership is made up of the highest officer rank, Accomplished Philanthropists, and Guildmasters. As a group, they work together to decide the future of the guild.


  • Daimes

Accomplished Philanthropists

  • Tamiq
  • Towers
  • Kazye
  • Oxidation
  • Luconis
  • Rummencola
  • Space


New recruits start out at the lowest rank, and can work their way up by participating in guild events, or quests.


Guild Discord

  • Join our Guild Discord to get an idea of what the guild is like!

Forum Recruitment

Notable Mentions

Guild Uniforms

We offer one free uniform to any and all new recruits, which provides an additional 48 inventory slots!


  • Poetry Jam every Saturday at 2pm EST
  • Guild Garden Party every Sunday 4-6pm EST