How to Report a Client Crash

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First Things First

You should always run Project: Gorgon by running the launcher. For the Window version, that's the file called "ProjectGorgonLauncherWin.exe". The Mac version is "".

The launcher checks for changes that you need to download in order to play. If you don't run the launcher to start the game, then you may crash because one of your files is out of date.

So first things first: Run the launcher to see if that fixes your crashing problem!

When the Launcher Crashes

Sometimes the launcher itself crashes as soon as you try to run it. This is pretty rare, but if it does happen then the launcher will create a file called "output_log.txt" in the same location as the launcher.

If your launcher crashes, then please e-mail the file "output_log.txt" from the same location as the launcher to [email protected][1].

When the Game Crashes

If you run the launcher successfully, but crash after that - on the login screen, at character select, or while you are playing - then your actual game client has crashed. Congratulations!

The game client also creates a file called "output_log.txt" when it crashes. This file has the same name as the launcher output file but is in a different location - so it is very important to make sure that you send the devs the right file!

On Windows, the game client usually installs itself to a location like this one: "C:\Users\Sandra\AppData\LocalLow\Elder Game\Project Gorgon". You can double-check the location of your particular game files by running the launcher. At the bottom of the launcher, you should see a message like so:

"(Files downloading to C:/Users/Sandra/AppData/LocalLow/Elder_Game/Project_Gorgon)"

When you go to that location after a game client crash, you should find the previously mentioned file "output_log.txt". You may also find a folder with an odd numerical name. This folder is automatically created by Unity (which explains the odd numerical name) when the game client crashes and contains the most valuable information for tracking down the crash.

If you see a folder like that, please zip it up and e-mail it to [email protected][2]. The files inside this folder and invaluable for tracking down crashes!

MAC OS Users should be able to locate the log at /Users/username/Library/Logs/Unity/. It may be named player.log instead of the above-referenced title.

Linux OS Users should be able to locate the log at /home/[USER]/.config/unity3d/Elder Game/Project Gorgon/. It may be named player.log instead of the above-referenced title.