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God of the Wind
Class 2
Irhetsu is a Class 2 Nature Spirit, known as God of the Wind, Song, and Stories. Irhetsu was once known as Ir-Hetsu to the Elves of Verta, where he was worshiped alongside his sister Aris, now Arisetsu.


The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 2

Who he is: Once just the god of breezes, Irhetsu somehow became the god of songs, and then stories told in song, and finally the god of stories themselves. Irhetsu is one of the most easy-to-find gods because he hosts parties with his on-and-off girlfriend Fenna, the god of Poetry, and his buddy Paullus, the god of parties.

What he knows and how to find him: Irhetsu knows songs. Pretty much all the songs. Plus, he knows a lot of stories. Old stories, mostly, but modern ones too. If you need to hear a lost song or story, he's your first choice.

Irhetsu is not a subtle party thrower. To find him -- well, one of his avatars -- you just need to catch word of when his next party is. If you're in a major metropolis, that's not too hard! You're likely to have one nearby within a few months. Getting an invite to the party should be easy if you're rich and well-connected.

But then comes the tricky part: getting him to care. He needs to be able to hear you over the sounds of all the music, so it helps if you're telepathic! if not, bring a sign. Seriously. Once you get his attention, he will give you about ten seconds of his time, so make it count! If you inspire him to tell a story or sing a song, he'll do so. It may not be the one you needed... but then again, it just might be.

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 2

  • "Irhetsu bless my nose" appears to be a common expression in Alharth.