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God of Time
Class ?
Laeth is a Class ? Nature Spirit, known as the God of Time.


The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 2

Who she is: the god of time itself is not usually considered a god of knowledge. She does have access to tremendous information both past and future, but Laeth is charged with maintaining the time-flow of this part of the galaxy. She alone among the gods of our world works on a grander scale -- a scale that even your author cannot truly understand.

Long story short, she's pretty busy, and she doesn't answer summons.

What she knows and how to find her: as the god of time, she can find the answers to anything that's ever happened or ever will happen. In theory, at least. There's scant information about her, but we know she has intervened in our world's history several times -- perhaps a great many times, for all we know -- to help prevent a terrible future.

As is the case with many gods, if you find a way to summon Laeth, it means Laeth wants you to summon her. And unfortunately that means you're probably going to have to do something to save the world! But after you save the world, she'll usually answer a few questions before she leaves. Make them count.

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 2