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Pennoc's Pennant is a dwarven Golf Tournament held by Pennoc. The first tournament was held in May 2021.

Are you here to enter the golf tournament? I'm calling it "Pennoc's Pennant!"

Your golf tournament?

Yes, a dwarven golf tournament. ...Oh, wait, did you think I'd create a tournament for elven golf? Oh hah! How amusing! Well, I suppose if one could devise a fair method of scoring, I'd be willing to fund that idea too. But no, today is about dwarven golf.

Kick the ball to the goal. If you take too many kids, your ball disappears and you have to start over! But try as often as you like. Dwarves are patient, and this is a patient game.

Once you've entered scores for three holes, come speak to me to receive your first reward!

How do I get started?

The first caddy golem is just south of town! Go through the keep, past the vendors, and out the south gate. You'll see the golem in the road. Speak with him to get a ball. You'll also get a guidebook and my notes for each hole, just in case they help.

Pennoc during Pennoc's Pennant event.

Note: this is a guide to the elegant dwarven game of golf. It is not to be confused with human golf (which involves hitting balls with sticks) or goblin golf (which involves cruelty to bears) or the unspeakably perverted elven golf.

In golf, players kick a massive boulder towards a designated target. The boulder must weight at least 3 stone, and it is against the rules for your boulder to leave the ground: that is, punting the boulder is forbidden. Golf is about kicking!

Each ball lasts for 20 kicks (usually -- some courses vary this). After that number of kicks, if the ball isn't at the goal, it explodes and you must start over with a new ball. If you manage to get the ball to the goal, your score for that hole is the number of kicks the ball had remaining. (For instance, if you had 5 kicks left, your score for the hole would be 5.)

In casual games of golf -- and even casual golf tournaments! -- you may attempt each hole as many times as you wish. You may repeat any time, and start over any time, limited only by your patience and your shin-pain threshold. Only your best score for each hole counts, so you are mainly competing against yourself! (They say Strekios loves golf, and this is why!)

But remember that your score isn't considered "valid" until you've earned a score for every hole! Don't get too caught up repeating any individual hole until you've completed all the holes at least once.

Each tournament's prize structure varies wildly; always speak with the tournament organizer for the details!

Tips: - Here's the secret to aiming: imagine a line between you and the ball. When you kick, the ball will continue that line. This means the direction you're facing doesn't matter. You can turn sideways, or even shoot backwards, but that won't affect the ball's direction at all! Only your position, relative to the ball's position, matters. Oh and also the English you put on the kick, of course.

- Remember that you get unlimited retries! If your ball is well and truly stuck, just abandon it. Speak to the caddy to start over.

- English can move the ball quite dramatically. If you're serious about using English well, you may want to spend a while experimenting with how it works.

— Book

Pennoc's Pennant: May 2021 Tournament (3rd-9th)
Now for some bad news: I ordered all the rewards and contest paraphernalia from a local goblin tribe. They had some problems understanding what I wanted. I didn't receive any pennants. So here's a pendant.


Score Level Rewards
Completed 3 Holes. , 25 Golf XP.
Complete 6 Holes. White Crystal x 5, 25 Golf XP.
Complete 9 Holes. (Lv30), , 25 Golf XP.
Total score of 100 or higher. , (Lv30), Live Event Token, , 25 Golf XP.
Total score of 120 or higher. x2, (Lv30), Live Event Token, , 50 Golf XP.
Total score of 130 or higher. x3, (Lv30), Live Event Token, , 50 Golf XP.
Total score of 140 or higher. x4, (Lv30), Live Event Token, , 100 Golf XP.
Total score of 145 or higher. x5, (Lv30), Live Event Token, , 100 Golf XP, Title: Pennoc's Penitent.


Pennoc's Pennant: April 2022 Tournament (April 27th - May 3rd)
Score Level Rewards
Reward 1: Completed 3 Holes. , icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, 25 Golf XP.
Reward 2: Completed 6 Holes. Crystal x5,icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, 25 Golf XP.
Reward 3: Completed 12 Holes. (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 25 Golf XP.
Reward 4:Total score of 100 or higher. , (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 25 Golf XP.
Reward 5:Total score of 125 or higher. x2, (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 50 Golf XP.
Reward 6:Total score of 150 or higher. x3, (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 50 Golf XP.
Reward 7:Total score of 175 or higher. x4, (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 100 Golf XP.
Reward 8:Total score of 200 or higher. x5, (Lv30), icon_6345.png Live Event Credit, , 100 Golf XP, Title: Pennoc's Penitent.
Pennoc's Pennant: July 2023 Tournament (July 7th - July 13th)