So You're a Spirit Fox

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icon_4006.png So You're a Spirit Fox
File:So You're a Spirit Fox (lorebook).png
Hint: Discovered as part of a horrific curse.
Hidden Until Found

So You're a Spirit Fox is a Lorebook received when one becomes a Spirit Fox.


Can You Hear Me?

I'm speaking to you from the distant past! Can you hear me? I'm going to assume you can!

You gave a spirit stone to a talking fox, and now you're a talking fox yourself. You have questions. Every spirit fox has questions. That's why I'm creating this message! Every future fox should hear this, if I've done it right! Here's what you need to know.

What Is a Spirit Fox?

You're a nature spirit now. You're not a mortal. You probably can't die. Try it! You'll find that in one way or another, you happen to not die. It's very convenient! But remember, your fox body is made of flesh and bone, and it's precious. It can survive quite a lot of abuse, but it will eventually wear out.

You're in your Young Fox phase, so enjoy yourself! But some day you'll wake up and realize you're partially transparent. Don't freak out. That's just your physical body dying.

Being immaterial makes a lot of fun activities impractical, and most of us become pretty depressed at this point. But just hang on for a few thousand years, because you'll eventually develop a lot of great powers that circumvent some of these limitations.

How To Stop Being a Spirit Fox

You already know how to cure this curse: you just need someone to give you a spirit stone! They'll become a fox, and you'll be free!

If you do this within a decade or two, you'll actually return to your old mortal body. But soon enough your old form will be gone forever. In that case, when you stop being a spirit fox, you'll just... stop being. Some of us eventually decide that we've had enough of existing. Others are tricked into holding a spirit stone by clever mortals. Either way, that's the end.

Seek Awakened Foxes

There aren't very many spirit foxes in the world, so you aren't likely to meet many of us. But there are tons of mortal foxes with magical powers! Perhaps these foxes are the offspring of a spirit fox... or perhaps foxes are just naturally gifted spirit mediums. Either way, mortal mages have been taking advantage of foxes for years: they turn them into Familiars and enslave them for their power.

Mages use an Awakening ritual on these foxes, so most of them can speak! Smart ones may be able to teach you magical techniques. Of course, in a few decades you'll know more than any mortal fox could teach you. But for now, they're your best teachers.

Beware of Godlings!

As a Class 5 nature spirit, you have a new natural predator: Class 4 nature spirits! And also... other Class 5 nature spirits! And also: certain dickish Class 3 nature spirits! They all want to absorb you to increase their own power.

Avoid interacting with ANY nature spirits for your first few centuries! You'll be so weak that even a small forest's guardian spirit could eat you. You should especially watch out for orc and goblin towns with demigod protectors. Demigods are nature spirits, too! They often have weapons that could permanently destroy you.

Gods, godlings, demigods... these are all just words for what you are! You are among the weakest and most vulnerable of all nature spirits, but you're still a nature spirit, a spark of godhood! If you can survive for a few thousand years, you'll grow and become something more than just a fox!

... Or, more likely, you won't. If the weight of existence becomes too heavy, you can always trick some poor mortal into giving you a spirit stone.

As a nature spirit, there are lots of other rules and restrictions you should be aware of... but I think you'll figure the rest out on your own. Or die trying!

Have fun!"

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