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Frost Elemental Runoff

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=== Drops ===
<!-- Include items dropped from monsters, as well as those obtained through skinning, butchering, skull extractionTo add drops, etcmodify the relevant mob page and it will automatically be added to the following table.-->Example section:<dpl>category = Loot/Frost Elemental Runoff;[[Eltibule]]mode = unordered* [[Fire Rat]], sometimes drops columns = 1 [[Fire Dust]]* [[Fire Spider]], often drops as much as 3-5 [[Fire Dust]].include = {MOB Location}:areatable = class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed sortable", Monster, Location</dpl
* [[Multipurpose Utility Elemental]] in [[The Wintertide]]
=== Gathering ===
<!-- Include items obtained from ground spawns such as fruit

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