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==Who Buys What==
Note 1: This table is under construction.<br>
Note 2: To edit "finished" data in the table (currently Joeh and all vendors beginning with 'A' through 'E'), please edit <vendorname>/Items_purchased or <vendorname>/Spending_limits. For example to edit the data on Joeh, edit [[Joeh/Items_purchased]] or [[Joeh/Spending_limits]].
The following table summarizes which [[:Category:Vendor|vendors]] buy which items at full or near full value. As Project:Gorgon is a game of exploration, the following information could be considered to be a spoiler. Use at your own discretion.
| colspan="3" style="background:#ccc"| [[Serbule]]
{{Vendor purchase table row|Name=Joeh}}
{{Vendor purchase table row|-| styleName="width:150px"| [[Mushroom Jack]] || '''Misc. loot from animals and creatures''', mushrooms|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Velkort]] || '''Animal parts''' (spider legs, snail shells, mandibles, cat eyeball, ...), most other things at pitiful prices.|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Marna]] || <span style="color:red;font-size:16px;">&#10033;</span> '''Use as a last resort''', due to her very limited pool of gold (even with higher favor).}}
{{Vendor purchase table row|Name=Fainor}}
{{Vendor purchase table row|-| styleName="width:150px"| [[Sir Coth]] || '''Necklaces''' (not amulets), '''antiques''' (paintings, coins, goblets, plates), Amb.Magic Sponges & Fulgurites from Under the Hand.|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Larsan]] || Crystals, gems & jewelry.}}{{Vendor purchase table row|-Name=Therese}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Therese]] || Vegetables and seeds. Most everything else she pays pitiful prices.Tadion}}
{{Vendor purchase table row|Name=Elahil}}
| style="width:150px"| [[Tadion]] || '''Weapons and armors''' (not shields), '''metal slabs'''.
{{Vendor purchase table row|Name=Flia}}
{{Vendor purchase table row|Name=Azalak}}
| colspan="3" style="background:#ccc"| [[Eltibule]]
{{Vendor purchase table row|- styleName="background:#ded;"| style="width:150px"| [[Yetta]] || <span style="color:#4c4;font-size:16px;">&#10033;</span> Buys nearly everything, up to '''260 gold''' per item at ''Like Family'' (sell weapons and armor to Kalaba).|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Kalaba]] || Buys '''weapons and armors''' (not amulets, not shields!). (same as Joeh)|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Kleave]] || Skins, leather rolls, skinning knives.}}{{Vendor purchase table row|-| styleName="width:150px"| [[Jesina]] || '''Potions''', foods, flowers.|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Helena Veilmoor]] || She pays well for '''recipe scrolls''', and buys a bit of everything.}}
| colspan="3" style="background:#ccc"| [[Kur Mountains]]
{{Vendor purchase table row|-| styleName="width:150px"| [[Ukorga]] || '''Weapons, armors and amulets'''.|-}}{{Vendor purchase table row| styleName="width:150px"| [[Laura Neth]] || '''Foods''' at full value, everything else at pitiful prices.}}
| colspan="3" style="background:#ccc"| [[Sun Vale]]

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