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Ranalon Den: Collect Lungfish

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Chirrra in the Serbule Hills Ranalon Den said, "Steal lungfish from the pools throughout the den. I have a scheme in mind for them!"

To start this quest, talk to '''[[Chirrra]]''' in '''[[Ranalon Den]]'''. The quest is available at {{Favor|Neutral}} favor.

This quest requires the previous completion of a [[Category:Quests/Chirra Tier 1|Tier 1]] quest from Chirrra.

This is a solo quest from Chirrra. You may have one solo quest from Chirrra at a time. You can take on a new solo quest 15 minutes after completing or canceling this quest.

{{Quote|Steal lungfish from the pools throughout the den. I have a scheme in mind for them!}}

This is a [[Category:Quests/Chirra Tier 2|Tier 2]] quest from Chirrra.

* Harvest {{Item|Lungfish}} x5
* Deliver {{Item|Lungfish}}
* Talk to Chirrra

{{Spoiler|Response to player|{{Quote|Fishy.}} }}

{{Spoiler|Rewards for Ranalon Den: Collect Lungfish|
{{Quote|These lungfish are native to our homeland of Fosulf, and the den guards them well because they hold a precious secret: the oil in these fish has regenerative properties! Also they're delicious.

I'm going to sneak these fish into the lake outside. And then... hm... I'm not exactly sure how destroying the local fish ecosystem helps our cause, but since the den doesn't want that to happen, I do want it to happen!

And here's your reward.}}

This quest will reward random loot. This may include items with level 20 mods.}}
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