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Rate of Myconic XP gain?

If anyone has any data on how many mushrooms they picked to get myconic XP - both the quantity of times they got myconic XP and the # of XP they got - that may be useful towards better understanding the average rate of myconic XP gain. Even just mycology vs myconic levels may be helpful (if you mostly pick mushrooms). You can sign your name with three tildes. ~ ~ ~

Right now, 100% from picking mushrooms, I'm level 26 Mycology & level 10 Myconic. I received myconic EXP once every roughly 50-75 mushrooms picked up. Usually enough for 1-1.5 levels up to this point. TimeBomb (talk)

100XP from parasol, 600 from boletus, maybe 250 from mycena? It is considered a craft in terms of buffs giving bonuses to the XP gain. I'd say somewhere between a 1-2% chance of a mushroom being picked = myconic XP sounds about right. (level 80 mycology, level 50 myconic)