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Combat Ability name
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Use this template whenever you want to display a combat ability icon and name for a creature.
If you only want to display a combat ability's icon, or use a larger image of the icon, use the Combat Ability icon template.
If you want to display a rage attack, use Template:Combat Ability Rage.


Type {{Combat Ability|name}} where you want the item icon and link to display.


The correct capitalized name of the Combat Ability.

Sample output

Basic usage
Code = Output
{{Combat Ability|Horrific Poison Damage Over Time}}
Horrific Poison Damage Over Time
Complex usage
If the icon you get does not match the in-game icon, check List of Combat Ability Icons. Some combat abilities have three or four possible icons!
Code = Output
{{Combat Ability|Combat Ability=Crushing Damage 13|Crushing Damage}}
Crushing Damage


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