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This template creates a clickable edit link for the given page name.
Type Template:T, Template:T or Template:T.
Required parameters
1 = Pagename to edit.
Optional parameters
2 = Linkname instead of "edit".
3 = Section # to edit (warning, if sections are inserted above expected section, numbering will change).
color = Alternative link color instead of inherited theme default.
float = Alternative link float CSS instead of none.
fontsize = Alternative link font size CSS instead of normal.
margintop= Alternative link margin-top CSS instead of inherit.
Sample output
{{edit}} gives...
{{edit|Project Gorgon}} gives...
{{edit|Project Gorgon|edit the main page!}} gives...
[edit the main page!]
{{edit|Template_guidelines|Edit template code rules (section 2)|2}} gives...
[Edit template code rules (section 2)]
{{edit|Template_guidelines|3=2}} gives...
{{edit|Project Gorgon|edit the main page!|color=gray|fontsize=small}} gives...
[edit the main page!]
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