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Use this template to create a listing in the training table of an NPC.


{{NPC training row
 | ability= 
 | recipe=
 | skilllevel=
 | cost =
 | favor =


Semi-optional. The ability name. If ability is omitted only a recipe will be displayed. At minimum ability or recipe must be defined.
Semi-optional. The recipe name (sans "Recipe:"). If recipe is omitted, only an ability will be displayed. If both a recipe and ability are provided, both will display within the same row (with "and"). Recipes can be provided as wiki links to their item if the author desires, but care should be taken. Trainer taught recipes do not have items on the wiki, and recipe/item name mismatches can occur. At minimum ability or recipe must be defined.
Optional. The required skill level to train the skill. If not provided, an empty column is shown.
Optional. The numerical cost eg. "15". If not provided, an empty column is shown.
Optional. The favor level at which the item is available. If not provided, an empty column is shown.

Sample output

{{NPC training row
 | ability= Sword Slash 2
 | skilllevel= 12
 | cost = 980
 | favor = Neutral
{{NPC training row
 |ability=Spore Bomb 3
 |recipe=Deadly Spore Bombs
 |skilllevel= 25
{{NPC training row
 |recipe=Coral Mushroom Smoothie
icon_2121.png Sword Slash 2  12    980 councils   [Neutral] 
icon_2134.png Spore Bomb 3  and
Recipe: Deadly Spore Bombs
 25    2934 councils   [Comfortable] 
Recipe: Coral Mushroom Smoothie  40    3070 councils   [Neutral] 


See Mu and Jaw for complex example of mixed ability/recipe combinations.


If an NPC offers an unlock, use Template:NPC training unlock row
Uses Template:Item icon, which supercedes the older Template:Icon.
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