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Example quoted text.


Quote in-game text (NPC talk, lore items, etc) and official sources. Often used at top of an NPC article to add a little flavour (lore) to the page. Can also be used to quote developers from blogs/interviews.


<quote text>


Optional. Note that this can contain a link, so you can link to dev blog, or to any other wiki page.
OPTIONAL. An icon can be floated to the left, instead of the quote character. Use the codes from Item Icons Guide.


A basic quote without a source:

Quoted message goes here.

Quoting an NPC, using source to link to their wiki article:

Well, well, look what the snow blew in.

Quoting a developer blog post:

{{Quote|source=[http://projectgorgon.com/2014/05/design-issues-still-needing-improvement/ Developer blog]|
I’m leaving the Rage system alone for now, until we have more players grouping up. (...)

Quoting an in-game book. Note that we have two named parameters now:

{{Quote|source=Second Journal|icon=How To Be An Artist|
Sherzat has gone mad. I tried to reason with her and was banished from our new home! (...)

Template Demos

There are demonstrations for this template, see Quote Template Demos.