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File:Skill infobox skill.png
Skill Type:
Max Level:


{{Skill infobox
|title            =
|image            =
|caption          =
|skilltype        =
|maxlevel         =
|req              = 
|skilltrainers    =


Long parameters will extend the width of the infobox. To keep it the correct size keep text short or use the "< br>" function

Not Optional. Defaults to article name.
Optional. Defaults to a .png image of the article's name. If specified, use [[Image:pagename_skill.png|300px|]]
Required, Options:Combat Skill, Trade Skill, Beast Skill, Other Skill, Anatomy Skill, Phrenology Skill.
Required, will remain blank on page. List the currently available max level for the skill (without bonuses).
Optional. List NPCs that teach the skill.


Create an attractive "info card" for Skills. This is another way to liven up the pages. It also provides a consistent "at a glance" information box with vital information that is consistent across all creatures. Note that the goal is not to cover everything that can fit into the card, as that is in the body of the article. If you have any suggestions for what should/could go in the infobox, please comment on the Talk page or the author's talk page.

Automatic categories
skilltype- Will automatically add a Category to the page based on skilltype. "Combat Skill" will auto-add "[[Category:Combat Skills]]. This will NOT happen on pages that have been specifically excluded, like this Template's own page and the Skill Template page.


The typical usage is to use this in a new article, save, and THEN upload the image by clicking the image link (which then is pre-set with the article name) If an image already exists which name does not match the article name, or in a different format (png), specify it. If the image is larger/smaller the box will expand/shrink to fit it, have to specify what size you want it to appear(see below) keep in mind that the text will only be 300px in length.


Don't mind that the Titles are wrong, the title takes the name of the page it is created on.

Here you can see examples of what Hammer templates could look like. Please note the image format is wrong in this example.

{{Skill infobox
|title            = Hammer
|image            =[[File:Hammer (skill).jpg|300px]]
|caption          = If I had a hammer...
|skilltype        = Combat Skill
|maxlevel         = 60
|req              = 
|skilltrainers    = [[Agrashab]], [[Falkrin Overstrike]]
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Hammer (skill).jpg
If I had a hammer...
Skill Type:
Combat Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers: