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When used on a template's /doc subpage, {{TEMPLATENAME}} evaluates to the name of the associated template. The result will be accurate when the end page is either the /doc subpage or the actual template page. The template makes a special case for the Template: namespace: the Template: prefix will be removed.

Note that the result will not be URL-safe. For a URL-encoded version, see {{TEMPLATENAMEE}}.


{{{1}}} Template:Smaller or require
Sets the subpage from which the template extracts a name. If the parameter's value does not match the current subpage,Template:Clarify nothing will be returned. This is useful in preventing potentially endless recursive loops on some templates pages that might otherwise reference themselves.
docpage or override
Use to indicate the documentation page's location if it is other than the subpage /doc, e.g. {{TEMPLATENAME|docpage=Documentation}} if the subpage is /Documentation.

The following subpages will always be removed [?] :

  • /doc
  • /sandbox
  • /testcases

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