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Minor Changes - Removed BOLD and added ident

Something that's driven me a little crazy is quote blocks tucked into spoiler tags becoming BOLD as well as being italic, especially for larger blocks. The other aspect of spoilers I didn't like was the lack of an indentation to offset what was tucked under a spoiler tag, the text was all just inline with the rest of the main page.

I removed "spoilbox" from the main div which removed the bolding for all text associated with the spoiler box. To keep the main heading of the spoiler bold to draw attention to it (this was good bolding) I added the '''bold''' around the first piped in value.

I also removed "toccolors" since that wasn't doing anything (the correct syntax is "toccolours" and it frankly made the spoiler box stand out too dramatically for the aesthetics of the wiki thus far).

I attempted to make it so the text making up the title of the spoiler (the always exposed text) was clickable for expanding the spoiler (the [Expand] to the right drives me a little mad, it's soon far away from the main text in most cases), but that experiment has failed thus far because I wasn't able to dynamically name the div class. This resulted in all spoilers on a page expanding together, no ideal.

These changes are minor formatting and shouldn't break anything major in currently implemented spoiler tags. Kedoch (talk) 17:26, 10 April 2018 (EDT)