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About Me

Hi there! I'm a big fan of Project Gorgon. When I'm not working on games of my own, I'm usually procrastinating by playing this, or other games.

I'm a big believer in saving time and energy by being efficient and informed, so my focus on this wiki will be filling in missing pieces of information for relevant pages.

Current Wiki Goals

  • Update NPCs with relevant gift-to-favor amounts (with hints/spoilers!).
  • Fill in more information on individual training from NPCs.
  • Create a chart containing ideal gifts that gives high favor for all NPCs, hidden by spoilers. The goal of this is to make it easier to see, in one page, which gifts are ideal and should be collected.
  • Gather information on Cheesemaking, Textile Creation, and Toolmaking.
  • Create a list of NPCs friendly to werewolves.