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This quest is a level 30 Druidic Emergency occurring in Serbule Hills with multiple variations depending on the number of Druids online at the start of the event. Druids will receive the Druidic Emergency debuff, granting +10% Base Druid Damage while blocking earned combat experience, crafting experience, and combat wisdom. This debuff stays until the event has been completed.


To participate in this quest, the player must be a Druid. An hour before the beginning of the event, all Druids will receive a Druidic Premonition indicating the coming of a Druidic Emergency.


Druids, head to Serbule Hills! Ranalons there have begun a ritual invocation of Enoyos, beseeching him to turn all the lakes of Serbule into brackish water.

Their stone offering-boxes surround the lake. Desecrate these boxes to disrupt the ritual, then find and slay the head shamans that swim in the lake itself.

The offering-boxes are strongly enchanted, so multiple druids will need to desecrate each one. Since the desecration ritual requires the petals of the rare Rotflower, I have caused this flower to bloom throughout the hills and mountains of Serbule Hills.

Find the Rotflowers, desecrate the offering chests, then execute the shamans.


Expected Participants: 10

  • Desecrate 10 Offering Chests
  • Kill 12 Ranalon Evokers

Expected Participants: 20

  • Desecrate 20 Offering Chests
  • Kill 25 Ranalon Evokers

Expected Participants: 30

  • Desecrate 30 Offering Chests
  • Kill 50 Ranalon Evokers


Rewards for Flowers of Desecration

Good work. Any attempt to alter the balance of nature must be dealt with harshly. And so you have!

Be ready for further incidents from the ranalon. They worship Enoyos, the god of oceans and water, and Enoyos has vowed to flood the world and drown all land-dwellers. I fear he may be mobilizing his minions to bring about this scheme.

But that is a problem for another day. For now, relax and enjoy the fruits of nature!

  • Dreva's Blessings (Druidic Currency)