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Click "Expand" on the box below to view a complete list of Recipes for the Foraging skill.

Lvl Name First-Time XP XP Ingredients Results Description Source
5 Emergency Warmth Fire (Foraging) 80 20 icon_5057.png  Grass x3
icon_5073.png  Spiderweb x1
icon_5278.png  Flinty Rock x1
icon_5687.png  Emergency Warmth Fire x1 This small fire is warm enough to keep you from freezing to death, but not good enough for much else. Lasts 60 seconds once deployed. Training: Spot
20 Basic Campfire (Foraging) 320 80 icon_5082.png  Spider Leg x3
icon_5073.png  Spiderweb x2
icon_5278.png  Flinty Rock x1
icon_5687.png  Basic Campfire x1 A fire pit, good for cooking in the field or for keeping warm in the cold. Lasts 3 minutes once deployed. Training: Spot