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June 27: Beta Build 1

Welcome to the first version of Project: Gorgon using the Unity 2019.4 gaming engine!

Engine Changes: This is a very different version of the game engine. Not everything in the old engine works the same way, and some things had to be replaced or tweaked, but it should mostly look the same as before. We've tried to map all the existing graphics options to do similar things in the new engine, so your old settings will work, but they might work slightly differently. If you have problems or if the game crashes, please first turn off ALL special settings and use a standard graphics setting.

Particle Changes: Many particle graphics had to be changed for this newer version of Unity. There may be bugs, and some particles may be missing -- if so, please report them! And some particles were automatically converted to a new format that may not look very good. If a particle looks noticeably worse, please report it as a bug! (If it looks different, but in your opinion is not worse than before, then that's cool. No need to report things that don't look worse.)

To Report Bugs: We have a forum thread to report and discuss weird things that might be bugs. For definite bugs (like a particle that's missing), you can either report them on the forum or via the bug-reporter in-game.

If you're crashing a lot: After reporting the problem, you can just opt out of the beta program from the Steam menu. The regular game client will be downloaded, and you'll be back to normal.

Thank you for helping us test! Click here to return to the Game Updates page.