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To-Do List

Basic Armor
Equipment Total Bonus

icon_101.png Max Armor

icon_105.png Health from Combat Refresh Abilities

icon_105.png Armor from Combat Refresh Abilities

icon_105.png Power from Combat Refresh Abilities

Animal Handling Chart

Creature Name Taming Level
Angry Bear 40
Bear Groupie 40
Blinding Wasp 73
Bloodhunter Bee 75 (Not currently tamable)
Bluntjaw the Bear 43
Bobbikins 43?
Chopjaw 50
Drunk Sewer Rat 55
Fae Bear 73
Fae Bee 70
Fearless Sewer Rat 55
Fey Panther 23
Fey Panther Groupie 23
Fire Rat 18
Freeze Wasp 35
Giant Plains Rat 1
Giant Rat 5
Giant Razorslash Panther 60
Graz 40
Grimalkin 50
Guard Cat 55
Hearty Cave Rat 22
High-Quality Bear Specimen
Hissy 50
Ice Bear 40
Necro Rat 60
Old Fangsworth 20
Opportunistic Blinding Wasp ?
Opportunistic Island Rat 32
Opportunistic Turret Wasp
Panther 20
Pit-fighting Bear 40
Preserved Polar Bear 43
Razorslash Panther 45
Sewer Rat 2
The Magnifier 50
The Maimer 40
The Mangler 40
The Mutilator 35
Tiger 20
Trained Crushing Bear 40
Tundra Bear 70
Turret Wasp 75

Ability Test

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      Food List Testing


      Skill page item lists

      Items Sold by Vendors

      Fairy Wing-Change Potion Chart

      Type A&B - 1 profile.jpg Type A&B - 1.jpg
      Type A&B - 2 profile.jpg Type A&B - 2.jpg
      Type C&D - 1 profile.jpg Type C&D - 1.jpg
      Type C&D - 2 profile.jpg Type C&D - 2.jpg
      Type E&F - 1 profile.jpg Type E&F - 1.jpg
      Type E&F - 2 profile.jpg Type E&F - 2.jpg
      Type G&H - 1 profile.jpg Type G&H - 1.jpg
      Type G&H - 2 profile.jpg Type G&H - 2.jpg
      Type I - profile.jpg Type I.jpg

      Rowspan Abilities

      (abilities json, ability_13302)

      icon_2129.png Bear Claw (Pet)
      Slashing Damage
      Base Damage: X

      Lenta Test

      Name Effective Very Effective Ineffective Very Ineffective Immune
      Angry Myconian Cold, Acid Poison Psychic, Nature
      Baby Slime Fire, Cold, Electricity Acid
      Drug-Infused Super Slime Fire, Cold, Electricity, Sonic Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Frothimir the Forever-Flan Fire, Nature, Electricity Cold Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Fun Guard Electricity, Acid, Darkness Crushing, Psychic, Nature
      Fun Guide Electricity, Acid, Darkness Crushing, Psychic, Nature
      Fun Guile Electricity, Acid, Darkness Crushing, Psychic, Nature
      Fun Guy Electricity, Acid, Darkness Crushing, Psychic, Nature
      Garden Tender Crushing, Acid
      Giant Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Greta Crushing, Acid
      Gue Cold, Acid Poison Psychic, Nature
      Huge Ice Slick Electricity Fire Crushing, Psychic Cold, Acid
      Ice Slick Electricity Fire Crushing, Psychic Cold, Acid
      Infinite Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Mushroom Cold, Acid Poison Psychic, Nature
      Myconian Cold, Acid Poison
      Nasty Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Olugax The Ever-Pudding Fire, Cold, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Sacrificial Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Storage-Room Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricty Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Strong Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      The Big Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Psychic, Crushing Acid
      The Shower Slime Fire, Cold, Nature, Electricity Crushing, Psychic
      Tidal Acid Cold, Poison Psychic Nature
      Tremor Cold, Acid Poison Psychic, Nature
      Unfun Guy Electricity, Acid, Darkness Crushing, Psychic, Nature
      Unstable Slime Fire, Cold, Electricity Crushing, Psychic Acid
      Young Myconian Cold, Acid Poison Psychic, Nature


      Year Event
      ??? The Autumn Felling
      ??? Ascension of an unknown race into multicosmosal traveling "Glowing Spheres"
      ??? Crones populate much of Alharth and establish rule over other races.
      ??? Humans and Orcs begin learning magic.
      - 20,002 years The Summer Court takes control of the Fae Realm.
      - 18,000 years Dreva defeats Tast's faction at the conclusion of the God War.
      Creation of the Chalice Gods.
      ??? Ascension of human painter Dale Renthian as a Nature Spirt.
      - 15,000 years to -10,000 years Ascension of Janice Alberith as a Nature Spirit.
      - 3,000 years Jake the Buckler becomes cursed by a spellcaster and is lost in a void.
      - 1500 years A group of Dwarves stage the Serbule Revolt and construct the City-Fortress of Borghild.
      - 1000 years Mages from the top magical schools align themselves together as The Council of Thirteen in opposition to the Crone rule over Alharth.
      Queen Hegata declares the Crone Hegemony is at war with the humans.
      The Council of Thirteen defeats the Crone Hegemony, pushing them north.
      - 1000 years Decline of the Dwarven Stalwarts.
      ??? (D1) The Council of Thirteen reforms into The Council of Eight.
      ??? Torsagar the Regent Retires
      ??? (D1+103) The Council of Eight renames itself The Council of Five after 103 years.
      ??? ("Centuries Ago") The Crone Hegemony attempts to conquer the fertile land of Ilmari for access to precious metal discovered underground.
      The Crone Hegemony is defeated and the Great Weather Machine is activated upon their retreat.
      Two-years of storms transform Ilmari into a barren desert.
      The city of New Argolis sinks into the sand.
      ??? Elf-Dwarf Wars
      ??? War of Froliac (Elves)
      - 500 years Dwarves retake control of Borghild.
      Dwarven Culture Group censors the poet Gammo.
      - 244 years Khyrulek attempts to conquer the Serbule region without success.
      ??? The Council moves out of Ema, constructing the capital of Statehelm.
      - 180 years (minimum) The Council of Five rebrands as The Council.
      - 150 years Elven art historical "New Revisionist" period begins.
      "Hundreds of years after the Great Weather Machine Breaks" Rakshasa from the realm of Ravana invade Alharth, arriving in the Ilmari region.
      Rahu City is constructed as a staging ground for the colonization. Cross-realm portals are established and older Crone Hegemony magical devices are recovered from the sand.
      The Council declares war on the Rakshasa, starting the Rakshasa War.
      ??? The Rakshasa War ends with the Battle of Rahu. Druids of Dreva destroy the city as the Weather Machine activates again.
      Druids destroy most of the Rakshasa, leaving only the injured or weak. These remaining Rakshasa are transformed by Dreva's magic.
      Storms from the Weather Machine, now lost again in the sand, turn Rahu into a rocky wasteland.
      ??? ("A few decades ago, but right after the Rakshasa War") The Sand War begins immediately after the end of the Rakshasa War.
      Aided by the Crone Hegemony and Orcs, the Rakshasa win provisional control over Ilmari.
      The Crone Hegemony betrays the Orcs to The Council, leading to many dead Orcs.
      ??? Orcs fleeing Ilmari regroup and establish the City of Gazluk above a much older Orcish fortress.
      The Formian King attacks Gazluk and is swiftly defeated.
      Gazluk Orcs go to war with nearby Dwarves and annihilate the dwarven fortress of Gribnik Hill.
      ??? While working for The Council as a University Teacher, Dalvos develops crystal walls to prevent invasions from other realms.
      - 51 years (minimum) Landri the Cold is sentenced to 50 years imprisonment.
      ??? The Crone Council is formed by a group of the Crone Hegemony dedicate to reconquering their homeland.
      ??? Anagoge and the Council University facility under the island are abandoned by The Council.
      ??? ("decades ago") Dalvos begins enslaving Giant Mantis for experiments and creates the Brain Bugs on the abandoned Anagoge Island.
      ??? Gazluk Orcs conquer the Elven region of Fern Glade.
      ??? ("Many years ago") Gazluk Orcs defend themselves against attacking Rakshasa mages.
      Gazluk Orcs issue a pronouncement to delay Rites of Passage for orcish mages from 15 to 17.
      - 26 years James Eltibule II is born.
      - 24 years Dwarves begin working under Eltibule Keep.
      - 22 years 'Fangy' Lim becomes Mayor of Povus.
      - 20 years Lord James Serbule II vanishes on an expedition into Borghild.
      - 14 years James Eltibule II turns 12. After 10 years of excavations, arguments begin between Lord Eltibule and the Deftwhisper dwarves.
      - 12 years James Eltibule II turns 14. His sister Katarina Eltibule turns to stone.
      Demon General Berelius sends Tok of the Eighth Pod to spy on Alharth.
      Tok establishes an identify in Fallowglade.
      - 11 years James Eltibule II becomes Lord of Eltibule after his parents vanish on their way to Sedgewick Forest in search of a cure for Katarina.
      - 10 years James Eltibule II turns 16.
      Lord Sedgewick sells his duchy to a Goblin clan and escapes into Eltibule.
      Lord Sedgewick vanishes in the tunnels under the Eltibule region.
      The hag Claudia is tricked into occupying the Ilmari Labyrinth by her sisters.
      Sammie Grimspine suffers an accident while serving as a soldier.
      A new fortress is built as a guardhouse in Eltibule by The Council, in preparation for a new trade route through Gazluk.
      Demon Lord Destriel begins an invasion of the Council Lands.
      - 9 years Jarmanger uses Dalvos's crystal walls to contain Destriel's army.. mostly.

      Some of the demons reach the Vidaria region, and warfare begins.
      The Eltibule to Gazluk trade route is put on hold because of the invasion, and the guardhouse is deeded to Hogan.
      Dalvos stops working for The Council and returns to Anagoge with the Naturesphere.
      After failing to completely figure out the Naturesphere, Dalvos escapes Anagoge to evade capture by hags.
      Dalvos releases his Brain Bugs into the tunnels leading to the mainland.
      Yasinda's daughter vanishes.

      ??? ("Years ago") The last appearance of The Council in public.
      Elmetaph moves to Anagoge.
      - 7 years The Deftwhisper dwarves are kicked out of Eltibule by James Eltibule II.
      - 6 years James Eltibule II leaves Eltibule for Thentree in neighboring Sedgewick.
      The Council dissolves the duchy of Eltibule after James II vanishes.
      Dalvos successfully creates a Psilobe during experiments on the Giant Mantis of Eltibule and Sedgewick Forest.
      - 5 years Grackhaven begins protesting the High King of the Gob-Lands.
      Goblins invade Sedgewick Forest.
      Goblins attack Murdo.
      Nelson Ballard's wife dies.
      Jarmanger sends Commander Ferrows and the Second Column to liberate Eltibule Keep from the Goblins.
      Dalvos grants intellect to the Mantises, then enslaves them.
      Impressed by their willpower, Dalvos frees the Psilobe enhanced Giant Mantis before leaving the Serbule region.
      - 4 years Commander Ferrows and the Second Column vanish on their journey to Eltibule, never reaching their destination.
      Jarmanger sends General Lavorel to capture Dalvos.
      The Forgaxis hivemind develops.
      A commander in Demon Lord Forthragar's army is summoned to Gazluk.
      - 3 years Povus reaches a population of hundreds.
      George Madler escapes from goblin enslavement at Fallow Harbor.
      The Red Wing Collective partners with the Fangblade dwarves to build a casino using goblin labor.
      - 2 years, 6 months General Lavorel visits the Myconians in Serbule.
      - 2 years, 1 month General Lavorel leaves the Myconians in Serbule, starting a civil war.
       ??? Fire bombardment of Dwyndarre.
      - 2 years The Winter Court takes control of the Fae Realms.
      Dalvos enters a two-year contract with the Winter Queen.
      The downfall of Povus begins after an environmental incident triggers an attack by nearby orcs.
      Naurlok begins recruiting an Orc army to take over Gazluk.
      -1 year Settlers attempting to start a town in Gazluk are besieged by orcs and take refuge in a nearby cave.
      The Council Corps of Engineers is dispatched to the Serbule region on a mission to convert Serbule Keep into homes for Dwyndarre refugees.
      The number of mind-wiped people appearing on the beaches of Anagoge increases.
       ??? ("Many months") Psychic Mantis in the Serbule region detect Dalvos's presence in the region for the last time.
       ??? ("days") A Council-trained Prodigy and Demon Hunter washes up on Anagoge after a mind-wipe.