Angling: Frozen... For Now

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While angling in the ocean in Kur, a strange voice asked you for help. It wanted you to angle frozen posion jars out of the sea.


To start this quest, angle by the ocean in Kur Mountains.


Grutak! Hello! Viazink? Oh, the second one works! Hello! A moon ago a ship came here. As it was offloading land-dweller junk, one of the crates fell into the sea near the beach. The crate is full of deadly poison! Fortunately, the poison is currently frozen solid. But when summer comes, it will melt, and we'll die! Save us!


  • Angle Frozen Poison Vials x10.


Rewards for Angling: Frozen... For Now

You aren't so bad for a land-dweller. I'll remember you. Here is an offering.

  • 7750 XP in Angling.
  • Basic Bait x49.
  • Recipe: Baked Tilapia with Mushrooms.